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    Classic FM Hall of Fame and Warcraft

    Hello folks,

    So, that time of year has come when Classic FM (an English radio station) has put up their poll for the Hall of Fame to be voted for. 300 of the most popular classical pieces will be chosen and displayed/played for all to see/hear on their site and station, but it doesn't just have to be classical music written by composers hundreds of years dead. Film scores frequently make it into the top 300, and last year was the first time game music was voted highly enough to be included. There was quite a large Facebook campaign to bring in a game score, and I hope to do the same this year.

    Many consider this to be a definitive countdown of some of the best classical music out there, and the Hall of Fame is quite prestigious, not just some no name radio station competition.

    It would be great to include a Warcraft (or Blizzard) piece in the Hall of Fame, and get the waves of fantastic game music noticed. Long has game scores been looked down upon by those more snooty classical music listeners, but it shouldn't be so.

    So, if you want to participate just head on over to Classical FM and cast your vote. I'm not sure if it's restricted to UK voters only, but give it a try anyway. You can choose three of your favourite pieces. Some already exist (like Russell Brower's "The Shattering") some you will have to write in manually. I have submitted "Invincible" by Russell Brower, as I think it's a stand out piece. It would be great if we maintained some solidarity on this, as too many votes for a wide range of pieces would mean nothing gets put in. To write a manual entry, just type the name of the piece in the search bar and underneath on the right there's a small link: 'Not what you wanted? Click here to enter your vote manually' - simply click that and enter your choice.

    Let's get game music out there and get some appreciation for some of the magnificent scores that are available.

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    I'd love to see a World of Warcraft score get played on the radio! Classical music as a whole isn't appreciated enough, but game music, even more so! I was happy to hear Skyrim get in the charts last year, but I there are some real gems out there in WoW. I love the one you mentioned, Invincible, it's such a moving piece of music. And it think it's a good idea to unite on the choices for a song. So I think I'll vote for that one too.

    Bump, bump.
    I hope people notice this.

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