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  • Other games got bored quickly compared to WoW

    19 40.43%
  • I allready spend so much time and money on the game, it would be a shame to let it go to waste

    7 14.89%
  • I missed my "friends and community" on WoW

    11 23.40%
  • I suddenly had alot of free time and did not know how to spend it otherwise

    13 27.66%
  • Other: Comment below

    14 29.79%
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    Why did you come back to WoW?

    Over my 6-7 years of WoW, i've quitted many times in vein. Momentarily i'm clean for about 5 months.
    However, i do still enjoy gaming (i play on the PS3 atm) and I basicly do it whenever I can. Now.. gaming is a thing alot of people like, but WoW was on a totally different scale. I even played it when i did not feel like it.

    Recently i started thinking: Why don't i have the desire anymore to come back to the game? And I concluded that one of the most important reasons to come back was "I allready invested so many time and money in this game, that quitting would make that all in vein". Ironically, it was allready all in vein because well.. its a game. I layed out several scenario's that all had they're effect on why i kept playing WoW, i was wondering if you had the same reasons.

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    I've played for around the same time as you, OP, but apart from my current break I rarily took a pause for more than a week. I think my reasons for coming back (apart from really enjoying the lore) is that not only do I play games for the entertainment, I do it because I want to escape reality for a while. No game makes me forget EVERYTHING like WoW does. I don't find the game as fun as it used to be, but that's because most friends already quit, but whenever I really want to take a break from life WoW is the way to go. I can fly around doing random stuff for hours without really thinking about it.
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    I stop playing when I'm bored and come back when a new piece of content interests me.

    if you're playing something you don't even enjoy, ur doing it wrong.
    Gamers are too obsessed with the death of games. Imagine if all that energy was channeled into the LIFE of games.

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    I usually take a month break and then play a month. This way I can keep it quite interesting and not turn it into a grind. Been on a longer break atm though. Realised my laptop(5 years old) was to weak to play with. So I've been on wait for my new computer(just got it). But atm there's to much in school for me to play, so when I've worked off some stuff I'll be back again in the world amongst elves and orcs.

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    It's still the best game out there.
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    Other games, MMO or not, got boring over time or wasn't as interesting, and WoW's interesting to read about anyway, so I've returned to keep myself entertained and have a hobby.

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    I wanted to continue the warcraft story

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    Other games got bored quickly compared to WoW.
    I allready spend so much time and money on the game, it would be a shame to let it go to waste.

    Those two actualy are the case, i probably will keep playing till end of times > quitting occasionaly but find myselfe always returning.

    Other games just cant give me te satisfaction WoW did and actualy still does.

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    I come and go, despite liking the game less with each passing expansion, simply because my friends play nothing else. If they would play other games, I would happily quit this and never look back, as it stopped being worth the ridiculous price to me years ago.

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    I came back as I liked the concept for the expansion. The lore keeps me playing and I quite like the LFR/LFD system allows me to drop in and out of the game when I want with out having a set time to do certain things (like raiding)

    The legendary quest got me hooked when I start that I loved the way it was presented. Wrathions one very cool character.

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    I haven't, but it will be the 4th one if it happens. Depends if I keep my job at the end of the month.. Although I originally "quit" just because my friend who I was going to be doing arena with didn't buy the expac, so I had no one to actively do arena with. But tbh, I probably would've gone anyway since the PvP balance is so horrid.

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    Wow has that pull back feature that comes with the social aspect. Wow's community make suck compared to back in the day, but its still better than all or most new mmos that either become ghost towns or keep a small dedicated community.

    Its the social aspect that always brings people back. I havn't left since I toke a broke back before Ulduar released.
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    I stopped playing because I got bored. Frankly, it has never been the game I thought it would be since I heard about it in vanilla, a sort of online version of Elder Scrolls, with a vast open world, focusing on exploration and questing of various challenge, while having some dungeon-running elements. There is very little to explore, and nothing difficult about it, and the questing is embarassingly bad, mostly linear and shamefully easy and simple, while most of what there is to do at end-game is gather... points. However I always held hope things would get better. It didn't so I started playing less and less until my subscription run out and I didn't bother to renew it. I came back after getting ill and forced to stay indoors for a lengthy period of time. It was a way to spend some of my suddenly-lots-of-free time while communicating with people I like hanging out with in the game. So I guess a bit of lots of free time and not being able to spend it outside, the people I met in the game and had fun playing with, and of course, still holding hope the game will become something more than a point-gathering game.

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    I stop every few months and only play a few times a week most of the time, figure I invested this much time into it may as well see where the story ends up and pass some time in the process.
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    I tried other games, then always realised that WoW is better then any of these, so I should play better game rather some crap. Also I'm really hooked up in the story.

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    Where is the "never came back" option. I realized just how bad a game wow is now and blizzard stated they won't make classic/TBC servers so I stopped playing (retail wow anyways) almost 2 years ago now.

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    I have never really left WoW or "quit" WoW tbh. The only times I have stopped playing have been due to real life issues such as money etc. It just keeps getting better

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    For all its faults, it's a good game. Every other MMO i've played (LOTRO/GW, etc) have just felt plain clunky compared to WoW.

    I suppose that's what I love about WoW, really; the responsiveness of the game. It runs smoothly, things happen when I want them to, it has a lot of lore (even if it's been butchered post-WOTLK), lots of customisation. When I was playing the likes of LOTRO for example, the in-game movement felt almost constantly laggy. WoW just works.
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