View Poll Results: Which of these three the hardest pre all hotfixes and nerfs?

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  • C'thun

    123 65.08%
  • FL Ragnaros hc

    51 26.98%
  • Imperial Vizier hc

    15 7.94%
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    The pre-C'thun trash was harder than them all.

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    Voted Vizier. C'thun would beat him if C'thun had been nerfed - he wasn't, he was fixed. C'thun was impossible before the changes which is why I define it as a fix not a nerf.

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    C'thun was an impossibility, he does not count.

    Vizier was completely luck based, so .. at some certain point, if all stars align he would have gone down. Thats pretty hard.

    Kael was a fuckin pain in the ass and had his "merely a setback" _after_ the Illidan Patch hit, thats pretty hard too.

    M'uru was killed by one guild if I recall correctly in his first version, besides that he was the unbeatable wind chime fucker he is, fuckin hard too.

    I guess these three get the price for being pricks, the hardest one I say was Kael though, but thats only my opinion. He was never killed in his current patch, thats something.
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    Yeah I'm another one who ignores C'thun due to reasons (also having seen the pictures of kungen pushing the stomach debuff off and just sitting around in there), I'd say yogg0. Out of the poll options I chose rag hc because a)I never personally saw vizier hc, so I don't feel as informed and b) vizier seems fairly RNG. IF spirit kings was a little harder pre-"fix" would we call him the hardest too? XDDD

    @Kunkka kael was also fixed, as was vashj as I recall. Like Cthun they got killed immediately after. Not taking away from their difficulty, it just wasn't the reason they stood so long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adlian View Post
    and when they did that, they had the BIS gear from ICC + all of 284ilvl weapons.
    They killed him with 24 man & with non optimal setup. I guess that kind of balances things

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    Impossible does not equal hard. C'thun should not be there.

    It's Rag HC
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Kisu View Post
    I would have went with M'uru, but out of the given options it'd be C'thun for obvious reasons.
    I was thinking M'uru would be on this list.

    When guilds finally got over the insanity that was M'uru and onto KJ, there was mass laughter at how easy KJ was in comparison.

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    Lich King heroic 25 was tuned so damned well... 1 guild in the world got him before the 10 percent buff. Lich king 10 was a broken encounter... prolly the hardest they ever came up with. He was speculated to be unkillable in strictly 10 man gear until typhoon struggle got him, and that was with the 25% buff towards the end of wrath when people were starting to get bored.

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    C'thun wasn't that bad after the fix. H FL's Ragnaros is by far the most complex, most difficult boss to date. Nothing even comes close.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palmz View Post
    C'thun wasn't that bad after the fix. H FL's Ragnaros is by far the most complex, most difficult boss to date. Nothing even comes close.
    I assume you mean H Rag 25 - because it really wasn't that complex on 10s.

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    HC Ragnaros, or HC LK I think.

    Let me elaborate.... Inn WOTLK and Cataclysme players was much much more exsperienced than older times. Not that top guilds was playing badly inn TBC or vanilla, but truely HC LK was insane with its limited attempts, and HC Ragnaros being killed after like 800 pull's.

    Muru would be 3rd for me.
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    And LK 25 was only beaten at 5% nerf, but I also don't recall him being fixed as well.
    Not many people caught this, but he was actually buffed after the world first Heroic Sindragosa which was on 10m by some Russian guild IIRC. Paragon did go back and kill the 25M version with the buff turned off months later but their gear was much better, they had been farming him for months.

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    I think Gruuls was. Took my guild so long to kill him haha

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