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    State of the game 7th feb

    For anyone who missed it, last state of the game... this time with j sharp and j peters:

    The big discussion on official forums at this point is solo queues, what's your opinions on that?
    Or any other comments on what they discussed?

    Personally, I feel strongly about solo queues because that's how I want to play, and other successful games in the field has it.
    Otherwise, what I liked about it is that they do talk like they feel strongly for pvp in this game, and personally I never blamed them for how the pvp field so far has failed... I just dont think they have got the resources they needed. Hopefully they eventually will. Anyway, I also like the fact that they seem open to try other game modes, and especially death match. I do think that once they have the players try death match, if they are brave enough to try it, they will find out that there's no other options. Question is more if they ever will try it, or if they really need to try other modes before that just for the sake of trying :P
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    Ty for posting this, we can sort of take the "heat" from what I said in another thread here.
    The most important thing they said to me was that they agree that the game revolves too much around the "get 3cap points" thing and that they're looking how far they can push away from conquest. Java says it really well at 58:25 conquest's mechanics simply are "boring".

    The reason why people love temple is because it fades away from the cap points. The issue lowell and java express are the same, the mid cap is too strong but the other parts they like. They like the skill required to time and push for the other bonuses since they make it possible to go on the hunt.
    And ofcourse (no coincidence) temple is the map the furthest away from conquest atm so it forces kill-play.

    What the devs said regarding foefire is also true, it's way to much about the dom points and the lords basically are ignored. It's far to risky to lose a double cap and get a lord kill. The lord serves more as a mercy shot, if you're dominating you can kill the lord and end things quickly.

    Khylo is the map a-net seems to like best conquest wise and I have to agree. The reason for this is (as the devs themselves said) that the game revolves a lot more about the trebs than anything else. You can safely say that the secondary mechanic there is actually the conquest.

    Their talk regarding the changes they plan to make (and the new map) are interesting dom+ctf where dom=ctf importance wise sounds a hell of a lot like GW1's GvG concept. Similarly making the lord insta win takes from the same pool.
    This is important since it basically indicates that they agree that the GvG system was very good (and varied) and fun to watch. As they said it's more spectacular and fun (while still easy to understand) why the orb is important or not. Or to direct attention to a certain point. Try shoutcasting now, it's not fun: Yea so we got some action on the windmill going on, the thief is entertaining the guardian a bit while at the same time we have a mesmer fighting a bunker ele on mansion. Try keeping track of that as a spectator...

    I think it's great that they're looking into making weak stuff better instead of just smacking the nerfhammer around. As expected they're vague regarding changes but that part is sensible.
    I agree that people on lower skillcaps play the easiest things which aren't as effective on high level (bs thief, hb war,...) but trying to balance things around for WvW, tPvP, sPvP and PvE at the same time is just silly.
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    I watched a bit, seems like it's going. Slowly but it's going haha.

    I really hope they could change how Condition builds/weapons attack items (Aka Lord Gate). Its so slow . Foefire is actually my favorite map.

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    Do you play in teams though? Since the issue with foefire is that when you play tourneys it's just zerg vs zerg and boils down to "who pops tw first" (this was said in the previous cast btw)

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    Is there a Cliff Notes version? I really don't care about PvP. Is that all they talked about for an hour and a half?

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    Yes it was all about pvp, I wanted to only say "yes" but that message is too short...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meledelion View Post
    Do you play in teams though? Since the issue with foefire is that when you play tourneys it's just zerg vs zerg and boils down to "who pops tw first" (this was said in the previous cast btw)
    Oh yeah I mainly play tournies (rarely do browser). I get that going for the lord is a mercy shot usually played by the winning team (3 cap or so) (Altho I've played games where it was the decisive factor of the match). I just meant overall XD

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    More devs should speak so open.

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