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    Never thought that I was carrying people.

    At the beginning of MoP I completed dungeons where everyone was doing 30k dps, so it makes no difference now if you do 40%+ of overall as a 485+ geared char, just makes if faster.

    edit: difference as in carrying people, of course it's a little bit faster

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    Nope. Honestly, I'm usually the one who's slacking off. Using /follow and alt+tab often.

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    Sometimes but I don't really care. I just care about getting it done and making sure to give advice to any who are willing to accept it. I view my role in LFD more of as an advisor because I usually can see if a person is low geared and just needs a little more help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    That's kind of...well, conceited of you to think that people in greens or blues clearly know nothing. They could just be alts still gearing up. Not everyone who plays WoW gets it. It's hard to learn at times when people get upset over someone failing at a mechanic, and rather than explain they just vote-kick.

    Plenty of people queue up that are perfectly well geared, and I rarely run into groups with players still in greens. From time to time, I do, and you know what? If you have some patience and explain things to them you make more of a difference than getting upset over it.

    This X a million.

    The overwhelming majority of the WoW player base is incredibly short-tempered and has zero patience because it seems they've developed this mentality that all the other players are there to serve him/her; to assist them in getting honor, valor or epics. They don't treat them like people but like computer-controlled things. I'm sure someone will pipe up and say that "i try to help and they just yell at me!", probably because either A) The person was being a sarcastic, mean-spirited asshole and the least they deserved was getting yelled at or B) Encountered people like person A before and thought you were just giving them a hard time.

    TL;DR version? Not every player is bad just because they don't read Wiki's and theorycrafting forums 24/7. If the WoW player based stopped being horrible excuses for human beings and helped each other out, they might enjoy the game more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snorri View Post
    while the others often ask what we are meant to do.
    They actually do ask what they are meant to do? Then what are you whining over? Just take the extra 10 seconds, explain the tactics, and finish it faster than being butthurt about ''carrying'' the group.
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    I typically expect to carry if I'm queuing on my main. I don't hold it against them - the only time I will initialize a vote kick is if someone is obviously trolling (ie, I ran into one group that would intentionally pull and wipe the group if they answered wrong to the question of "Jedi or Sith" - frustrating, but interesting story nonetheless) or if they are AFK for an extended period of time (going bio, or "baby exploded" aren't things I vote kick on).

    Some people queue for valor. Others need gear. I don't care either way, provided they aren't doing something to warrant a kick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snorri View Post
    I'm retri with 497 itemlevel. I like to do a random heroic and scenario every day to reach the weekly valor cap. I usually queue up alone. But every time I do these it feels like I am the one who carries the rest of the group. I am fully epic while most others are fresh level 90s with green gear and blue pvp gear. I do more far more dps than the other two and tank together. It's not only about the gear, for I see players not understanding how to play their own class. I know how to run the heroics and scenarios while the others often ask what we are meant to do.

    Don't people with skills, knowledge and epics do random heroics and scenarios at all?

    With 497 ilvl you will often find that you feel like you are carrying others.

    Doing over 100k dps on heroic bosses compared to 25k from the other 2 dps can feel a little annoying
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    well yes even on my alt disci priest i am able to be 1-2 in most of the lfg grps
    in 450ilvl pvp/auction gear every dps class can do 50k dps single target if they know how to play their class (tank 25-35)
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    Yes I usually carry people when doing heroics. But I'm good geared, they usually aren't, so I don't really mind it that much.

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    Honestly speaking, I probably contribute a lot to helping the run go smoothly. But that's fine; I like doing my part in helping people get geared, as long as they're actually contributing/trying. Which usually they are; I mean, who plays a game when they're not having fun, right?

    Don't answer that.

    At any rate, I certainly don't look down on them. I was gearing up too at one point, and one time many moons ago I was even a total noob. I also still make many mistakes even after several years of playing. We're all human, all looking to enjoy ourselves. Why waste our precious leisure time on negativity?

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    Look at it this way, it is much easier to carry the other four in a dungeon than the other 24 in a LFR group. Although, realistically, valor cap is much less painfully achieved by doing dailies as a healer than by pugging. Even easier to get the non-raid valor if you get a guild tank and three guild dps, get in Mumble and start saying "pull faster".

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    We call it carrying when you are making up for the failure of others.
    It's not 'carrying' when you just do triple the amount of their dps as long as they do their required amount of dps.

    I hardly ever carry people.
    Most of them are doing their job correctly and I honestly do not feel as if I "have to make up for them fucking up".

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    I find this post incredibly ignorant and damn right offensive. Thinking that you are carrying people just because you have better dps is a ludicrously stupid way to think, being surprised when you are out dpsing people in greens and blues when you have full epic indicates that you have no idea how much difference that gear can make. The gear gap in this expansion is huge, so it is not uncommon to see people in low gear doing much less dps than a full epic or even half epic character. On my destro lock I went up something ridiculous like 18k dps by replacing 4 items.

    Furthermore, instead of whining on the forums about it, if you do see someone you think could be doing better, tell them how to do better, don't come and cry to us thinking we will have sympathy for you.
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    It's only a problem for me if someone makes it a problem.

    I queue heroics because well, I like doing dungeons. My Skada parses are kind of a 'high score' meter for me and me alone, I like to see how much damage I can do on specific bosses, or how I can maximize specific mechanics. It's a feeling entirely independent of the other people in my group regardless of their gear.
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    Tbh I don't know if it's my fuzzy memory (I quit 3 weeks into cataclysm, didn't come back until realease of MoP), seems to me that difference between fresh 90 is much bigger than it was between fresh 80 and 80 geared in epics, might just me.

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    Blood DK wearing full DPS gear (~502). Of course I carry when I'm in a heroic, but I don't blame that on the people who get in an instance with me. With that kind of gear I solo every instance and if I didn't I would be slacking lol.

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    Most of my alts are tanks so im usually the top damage on everything. Now and then ill get a good dps.

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    A majority of the player base is bad anyhow you look at it. If only about 1% can down normal raids that speaks volumes.

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    In heroics, i don't feel superior to other dps that often, skilled and geared people still show up in my groups. But speaking about scenarios... well, my tanking turtle literally obliterates everything on its path with ease. In situations when real tanks have a hard time surviving (no heals), the turtle feels itself more than comfortable.

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    Carry them? Not at all.

    Speed it up somewhat if I'm better geared than them? Sure.

    I'm not conceited enough to think that they wouldn't manage without me.

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