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    When I'm tossed in with players trying to gear up, by default I out dps them with my hunter (~490 ilvl and 100k+ single target? Few, if any, gearing uppers are going to top that simply based on gear gap). But I'm not carrying them, it's a team effort. If they're doing poorly and ask for help, I'm more than happy to answer their questions, or direct them to a website where they can get help.
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    Yeah usually... Either they're good but with bad gear or bad with good gear - either way they can't contribute much Not always true, obviously u get good players from time to time but it's rare Idm tbh, I go into heroics expecting people to be undergeared or w/e so i'm fine with people not being experienced (that's what heroics are for really); Just don't be annoyed if i try to speed up the process, I can actually solo the heroics as a healer :/ I Just queue random for the rewards.

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    If the scenario is that stupid oongo boongo one, I have pretty much accepted that I will do 90% of the work in stage 2 every time I get it.
    No matter how much I explain to the other people how and what to do for that phase. I still end up doing all the work. Granted im in 488 item level gears so I can easily dispatch the "boss" monkeys and collect the largest kegs from them and have the stage 2 part down in a matter of minutes.

    But still, every time i get that scenario people just stand around and do nothing. It isn't helped by how bad the ingame prompts are for that part, as it doesn't really explain what you are suppose to do. Some of the other scenarios are in a similar vain. The instructions are vague at best, or the markers could be bigger to indicate this is where/what you are suppose to do.
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    With a 497 ilvl, you should be carrying other people. Most people running heroic dungeons are doing it to gear up, and likely have below a 460 ilvl.

    It's extremely conceited of you to expect otherwise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
    He's still progressing on MsV heroics.
    He carries his guild through msv too
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    Yes it is always me that carries the group.

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    This forum seems so full of hyperbole that every swinging dick on it apparently carries every 5-man, 10-man, 25-man, BG, and Arena on characters that just dinged 90 last hour because they are just so fucking bad ass.

    Until, of course, the next poster comes along and claims the previous one sucks ass and is terribad.

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    If you feel that way you should be doing Challenge Modes to cap, it's better Valor.
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    at 501 ilvl, im bound to do 50% or more of the dungeons dmg. This doesn't mean the rest of my group are bad, they're just horribly undergeared compared to me.
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