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    For me scenarios take about 25% less time then a dungeon to do. So the first one every day is worth it.

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    Ended up in a heroic with a bot tank once. It did a remarkably good job. We only kicked it when it got stuck somehow and couldn't ride up the elevator. If they can make tank bots that good then making dps bots that pass for not great but at least real players shouldn't be a problem. I guess the biggest problem is if there's some actual communication going on but mosts heroics are just 'hi, go, bye'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guts the Black Swordsman View Post
    It could just be me and bad luck, but over the past 2 weeks or so I've been experiencing frequent bots when I que for random scenarios. The bots will simply /follow or if mounts are available in the scenario they will mount first then /follow. This has become extremely frustrating because these bots are damn near impossible to kick due to time limit kick restrictions or come in rare cases the bots will come in packs of two. Of course I could simply drop the group, but some scenarios are so short that even soloing them in 14-15 minutes is preferable to dropping the group since you will be locked from queing again for at least that long.

    I've reported the bots I've come across, but still I was wondering if this is something that has been catching on elsewhere.
    maybe they are following you because its their first time in there, they may not know what to do or were to go at first

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    Quote Originally Posted by Count Zero View Post
    I've never seen a bot, ever. I think people are severely overestimating their presence.
    They are kinda hard to miss. Seriously in BG's its insane, you know them because they all path the same way, following one another, and stand in the same spots on top of one another. In AV if your the only non bot... it really is HARD to miss them.

    I hadn't seen them to the scale that the forums were mentioning until i rolled a toon on a very high pop server.. i got quite the shock at just how many bots people use. Not limited to BG's but for pretty much everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
    Quick? Scenarios are by far the slowest way to get VP. Considering more often than not you end up with 3 DPS classes, no one tanks, no one heals. Most of the time in there is spent by eating.
    you don't need tanks, or healers in most of them since they provide healing for you. Scenarios are very quick with a few exceptions. I can get VP a lot faster with them than I can through heroics

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    Sigh... Why would people who run bots bother with scenarios? And why is it every time a person does something bad its a bot? You got people that put there player on follow and went afk because they are an asshole not because they are a bot.
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    Haven't come across any yet, keeping fingers crossed.
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    there are bots EVERYWHERE; not just bg's. Blizz doesnt seem to do anything about it though. The bg bots get 3 hour suspensions lol

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