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    Extreme depression

    I keep getting nightmares, my heart beats very slowly, I cannot sleep, and my body temperature always feels ice cold. I've been suffering greatly over the past week from a traumatic experience, and generally don't feel like I am alive.

    I don't know what to do to help my situation anymore to be frank. If you friends could give me a suggestion, it would be wonderful. Thank you all.

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    See a doctor.

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    Consult a medical professional, not an online forum.

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    This is probably not what you want to hear, but see a doctor.

    As a long-time sufferer of nightmares, insomnia, and depression (clinical, chemical imbalance depression) I feel as though that is the best advice you could be given at this point in time. And listen to what he has to say, don't just blow him off like I did for many years.
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    Yeah, doctor visit kinda seems like an obvious recourse.

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    So uhm, why do you have these nightmares and such?

    I was really sad few months ago, but instead of sitting home and just getting more sad - I started to train 5-6 times a week, be with my friends and just being in good atmospheres!

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    As a Med student - see a god damned doctor...

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    doctor/social interactions/ gym = best depression fighters.

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    getting a coffee
    Sugar can help, as well as eating a nice cake or two.
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    Well if it's gone as far as you say, go to a doctor.

    Otherwise try meditating, it helps put your mind at ease. Same goes for physical activity, especially in a forest or somewhere else in calm nature and fresh air.

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    All you perceive with your senses and everything you experience (even what you dream about at night) is essentially interpreted in your brain and affects how you 'feel'. There are certain chemical reactions in your brain responsible for your mood, such as the feeling of joy, pain or suffering. It's all in your brain. When a chemical imbalance occurs in your brain, you start feeling as you do. Go see a psychiatrist, he can help you. If he doesn't, go see another one. Many psychiatrists are not even remotely good in what they do (first hand experience), so if you find a one that sucks, keep looking.

    Or in case you don't believe in science and modern medicine for some reason, go see a psychic and do everything she tells you. Might work just as well, in case you really believe in that shit.

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    Going to have to suggest that you see a doctor, especially since your situation seems so severe, based on your description. We're not going to be able to help the way a medical professional can. Closing this.

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