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    Would you buy a Car that had over 200,000 miles ?

    So I've got my eye on this 1997 Jeep grand Cherokee that has been properly maintained and has no noticeable issues the thing is it has over 200,000 miles on it.

    I figure I will drive it a maximum of maybe 5000 miles per year and doubt I will put even 25,000 miles on it before replacing it with something else.
    The current owner has down extensive work to it but to my knowledge it still has the original engine/transmission.

    Knowing that would you buy it (my current ride gets roughly the same gas mileage and that isn't a concern)

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    I wouldn't suggest buying a car with that many miles if you don't plan to drive it daily, as older cars that sit for long periods don't often perform well.

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    Depends on the price.

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    No. Definitely not a Jeep Cherokee with those miles either. Perhaps a Honda.

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    I have a feeling it won't last long with that kinda mileage on it.

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    Maybe if it was a Toyota for a miniscule price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinykong View Post
    I wouldn't suggest buying a car with that many miles if you don't plan to drive it daily, as older cars that sit for long periods don't often perform well.
    Unless they're Toyota's or Honda's.

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    Depends on the make of the car..
    E.g. Mercedes is expected to run 1.000.000KM (650.000 miles) as a bare minimum, if you have it serviced on regular basis, so 200.000 is nothing...
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    About 5 years ago I bought a used 1990 Toyota pickup with about 180,000 miles on it at the time I purchased it.

    To this day, I still have yet to encounter a single problem with the vehicle.

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    I owned a 89 Jeep Cherokee with 388k miles on it before the original transmission went out and I decided to get rid of it. Original engine was still running good when the tranny went out.

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    Depends entirely on the price. That's a fifteen year old vehicle with over two hundred thousand miles on it. I couldn't see myself paying over a grand for it. Maybe not even that. Would expect to spend a few grand on repairs pretty quick too.
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    Not unless I didn't have enough money for a better choice.
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    It depends. I think a lot of people who don't drive much and can't afford such a vehicle (teenagers, etc) would be interested, but generally it's probably not a good idea if you can afford a vehicle with less.

    Personally, I would not. I bought my first car at 145,000 miles on it which was pushing it already for me since I was commuting about 750 miles a week at that point. However, when I sold it, it had 230,000 miles on it and I got several [surprisingly good] offers on it. (although it had had zero major issues at that point; she was well worn but not near death).

    If it was super cheap and it was all I could afford, or if it had a rebuilt engine (I don't think you're allowed to reset the odometer even then), that might be another matter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    Unless they're Toyota's or Honda's.
    Can't own a Honda in this Area, their is a heavy population of Asians who like to steal them for the parts.

    In either case I decided not to buy it, bought a 1995 Gmc jimmy that just had both the motor/transmission rebuilt as well as a lot of other major work done to it (previous owner was a higher performance mechanic with a boner for horsepower/torque.

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    Bought my Honda for 800 dollars when it had 200,000 miles on it. Put 57k on it since then and ti still runs like a dream. You never know what you're getting or how long it will last though. I consider myself very lucky.
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    You can't know for sure that's the truth.

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    You mean a car where other people touched the steering wheel?!


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    Not normally, unless it was really cheap. You can always scrap one for $400+ to get money out of it.

    My service truck I got had 90k on it, but it had been maintained by the prev company.

    My Dodge Dakota had 250k+ on it but I got it from old company owner and he took good care of it.

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    That's a lot of miles, no.
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    I used to drive a Toyota Corolla with 450,000 km on it -- and the only reason I got rid of it was because we got a new car.

    I wouldn't buy any US-made vehicle with that kind of mileage, but any Japanese, Korean, or even German-made vehicle will probably still run very well.

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