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    Vanilla is every bit as awsome as people make it out to be

    Alright, I've been meaning to write this for awhile, just couldn't get myself to do it, but here it goes.
    I've gotten bored of modern WoW couple of months ago and since I at about that time heard about private server with Vanilla on it I decided to give it a shot. It had 1.11. patch so I guess one of last patches before TBC was released.
    Anyway I rolled a hunter since I was the most familiar with it's mechanics from the old days (I leveled a hunter in TBC).
    At the begining it was somewhat frustrating, but very soon at about 15-20 when I finally got a grip on things it became a very enjoyable experience.
    I joined a guild, it was about 30-40 people and we were all levelers, not a single 60 and had alot of fun talking in guild chat and helping each other with group elite quests, I leveled slowly but it was a very special experience, forming a bond with my pet, teaching him new abilities and myself learning new ones, then helping others do quests and getting help in return. All in all, world seemed alive. I finally made it to 60 after about 10 days /played, but they breezed by because of how fun it felt. I came to 60 with alot of my gear still greens from 20s or so, but noone cared about gear since everyone was badly geared. Group of 60s would first run BRD, then move up to Scholo then finally blackrock spire and Strat. Dungeons were long, like really long for today's WoW standards but the loot made it all worth it. Bosses and pulls were fun because you couldn't just spam some abilites and auto win, you had to know your shit because if you screw up and you wipe and there's a long walk back.
    I had to stop playing unfortunately due to exams coming up but those days were some of the most fun I've ever had playing WoW and I can finally see why people talk about Vanilla and now I know it's not just rose-tinted eyes, WoW was genuinly more fun then.

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    I think it's more the people you were palying with making it fun, it's easy to enjoy a game even if its bad if you have the good social aspect going for you. Not to say there weren't good times back then, but honestly I find my playtime is influenced on by my friends/social interaction rather than the game itself.

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    We don't allow for discussion or advocating of private servers. I'm glad you liked the game in classic, but I recommend you share those feelings in one of the many vanilla wow threads and leave off the bit about your prohibited activities.
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