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    [A][10] <Mary Moo Cows> (Outland) 6/6, 6/6, 2/4 Normal Recruiting DPS

    Hi there!

    We are a group of young professionals in our 20's - 30's that have played WoW since Vanilla/TBC. Since we were all a fair bit younger when we started playing this game, we've left behind the days when we could raid 5+ nights a week. Therefore we try to squeeze the most progression that we can out of two raid nights a week, and are looking for like minded people to join us.

    This patch we had a bit of a late start due to people's work schedules preventing quick leveling and gearing but we should be clearing the tier in short order once we fill one of the spots listed below. As of right now we're looking at getting into heroic MSV at the least before 5.2 is out to give us a better start there. That said, if you're struggling to keep up with 3+ raid nights a week, and looking for a good community this may be the guild for you.

    Currently Recruiting

    One of the two following
    • Hunter
    • Warlock

    What We Expect From You.

    • Attend next to every raid.
    • Come prepared to raids with a positive attitude, knowledge on the encounters you will be facing and with enough consumables to last the raid.
    • Be vocal while raiding, you must have a working mic and be able to use ventrilo.
    • Be over 18 years old.
    • Be able to raid Thursdays & Tuesdays 20:30-23:30 realm time (although the days may be a bit flexible due to peoples work schedules)
    • Have PVE gear capable of doing current content (at least 485ilvl fully gemmed and enchanted)

    What We Have To Offer.

    • A great, stable community that goes beyond in-game activities.
    • Free repairs for all members
    • Guild bank provides food for raids.
    • Guild bank will also provide materials for enchants and crafted gear as and when we can.

    We are also accepting all socials to come join the guild and have fun with us.

    If this sounds like a guild that may be a good home for you or are interested in more information please PM me here or drop a line on our website.

    Javan and Shinnok.

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