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    Hello. I just created a priest on Aerie Peak. This will be my first priest or healer toon ever. I have a 90 druid but i went feral. Now that I've hit 16 or so I'm thinking about running dungeons. Any advice for a noob healer? I went Disc and I'm having a great time leveling, but thinking about dungeons and raids later on is stressing me out. :P I've looked for leveling guides, but all I can find is MoP leveling. Thanks in advance.

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    I made a disc priest on a new server a month ago and I have to say, healing in dungeons is fun and easy as hell at low levels. The only thing you have to do most of the time is making sure the tank is shielded, experiment with the new heals you get etc. I'm now lvl 61 and I know that healing is going to get sooo much harder later but I have to say that this has become one of my favourite classes.

    My best advice is, have fun, see which rotation suits you the best and always keep the tank shielded. (dont have any advice for content over 61 since im not 90 )

    When it comes to leveling, as a healer you get fast queues and good exp from dungeons. You can also quest as disc if you feel like it.

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    Well, lower levels shouldn't be much of a problem. You can basically Atonement heal (casting Smite and Holy Fire will heal friendly targets) and use Power Word: Shield on the tank and do fine.

    But I recommend eventually (sooner rather than later) getting a nice raid frame and either make mouseover macros or download Clique. This will make healing much more streamlined and efficient.

    I reccomend Grid. It's a simplistic raid frame that is easy to customize to your taste. Clique makes it so that mouseover macros are not necessary and frees up alot of action bar space. Basically, once you have it all set up, you just hover over the persons name in the box on grid and then press whatever button is linked to whatever spell in Clique. Makes healing much much easier than clicking the target the using a spell.

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    For some one healing for the first time, grid May seem abit overwhelming setting up just right, if you find it confusing Then healbot does basicly the same, and is much easier to set up, Then later when you know what works for you, go for grid+clique... Just my advice :-)

    And on topic: yea, healing at level 16 and up is very easy and you will have good time getting acustomed to all your spells, unlike if you wait till your 90, by Then you Will have alot of spells. And oh btw, healing is great fun too, enjoy

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    Welcome to Priesthood!! Now if you'll just stay away from the chil.....nevermind.

    If you work hard enough with google, you can find a guide to leveling your baby priest. That being said, it can be more fun to just learn as you go! Remember that your core spells are going to be PW:S and Penance. Make sure you have a PW:S on the tank before each pull, and more likely than not you will be able to run around looting mobs, picking herbs, skinning, or /dancing and the tank will be fine (this is at low levels of course). If you are anything like me, I found my baby disc priest to be a little boring at first as the mobs hit like little girls and your shield will usually outlast any incoming damage. As someone else mentioned, use this time to experiment with the new heals you are going to get. Learn which ones are really great in which situations, which ones hit like a wet dishcloth, which ones will run you oom. Don’t worry, the time will come when you are going to need to use more and more of these heals to keep everyone alive, and you’re going to be happy you played with them early on. By the time you hit 90, you are going to have a full arsenal of heals at your disposal (I would argue more abilities than any other healer), and if you spend your time leveling by only casting PW:S you will be overwhelmed when you find you need to use your other heals to keep people alive.

    If all of this scares you, don’t fret because soon enough you will outgear content and can just spam PoH until you are effing purple like the rest of us…

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    Yeah I'll be sure to stay away from the little... yeah, not going there. :P Anyways, thanks for all the tips. Helped ease my mind abit. I'll be sure to check out those addons too.

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    Disc priest leveling in dungeons is the most fun you can have in WoW before reaching level 90.

    I've never healed before, so was terrified throughout my first 5 man (Deadmines). You have to keep up with those energiser bunny tanks and it can be a little disorienting at first, watching the heal bars AND where you are supposed to be running in some rabbit warren of a dungeon. But you quickly get used to it.

    Perhaps depending on your gear (I was in full heirlooms), you should be able to get by with just atonement healing plus shield/penance on the tank until about Cata 5 mans. I found I more or less had to put atonement aside in Cata dungeons. But in MoP, I mainly do LFR and find atonement does a lot of the work - and we have very powerful raid healing if we want to go that way. (I prefer tank healing and it seems in LFR, that there are enough healers doing raid healing but sometimes the tanks need a little more love.)

    I used and still use healbot. It's fine, although I do find it a little clunky to adjust its placement (especially with bigger raids like Sha runs). And the permutations of easily usable clicks (shift+left click etc) is a little limiting on the number of spells you can bind but just about ok. It seems much easier to use "out of the box" than probably more powerful solutions like Vuhdo or Grid.

    PS: I'd recommend Shadow for solo questing in Cata and MoP. It's a nice change of pace from healing dungeons and by the time you get to MoP, your dps as disc starts to fall dramatically behind "real" dps. Oh, and mind sear is just such an awesome spell - all spells should be like that.
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    keep the dots up, spam smite as filler on enemies and let the passive healing do the job, you will top dps and healing charts

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