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    How deep can you go?

    So Im total Minecraft newb. Been playing about a week on a buddies server.

    Last night I was mining my way down and broke into this chasm. After killling the baddies I decided to start digging again at the middle of this chasm. I didnt make it down very far when I started to frequently hit blocks with black squiggly lines. More and more I would see these until I cannot get any farther.

    Being a avid fan of Terraria I immediately assumed I have not crafted the correct pick axe to chip these bitchez out. But my buddy tells me, no thats actually the bottom of the world. Im like what? Ya Ive gone down a few stories, but nothing like I have done on Terraria. Is my friend right? Or is there some configuration options server side that need to be tweaked? Thanks!

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    Your buddy is correct. That is the bottom of the world. You could go into creative and break them but you would only find an empty void of nothingness.

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    Its empty... nothing to discover but u can go.. but u only will see black screen

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    it's pretty far down in terms of of space. The world spans outwards in the x and y plane as long as you keep going. It's only the z plane that has a distinct limit. You have so much space to build in, you'll never run out!
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    I can go very derp . Sorry i could not resist

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    Its called "Bedrock" and you can't go deeper:P

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    from sea level it 64 blocks down i think...i forget, been a longwhile since i checked.
    There was however a mod that increased the total vertical space that can be used...right now i think it's a total 256 blocks up from bedrock to above the clouds...the mod would increase that to 1024...duno if it's still updated though or the name for that matter :S

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    Its called "Bedrock" and you can't go deeper:P
    I prefer the term 'Adminium' :3

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    You can press F3 to see your current height. Once at 0 or 1 for z(if i am not wrong) that would be the lowest a player can do. The hardest to break material is obsidian which is found near the bottom as well. (purplish black)

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    You will hit bedrock, that's how you know you've hit the bottom ^_^

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    Now the question is how far up can you go :P

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    You can also break bedrock in Creative mode... and check what's under it

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