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    Switch aura changes barsetup (Bartender4)

    I'm currently using Bartender4 for my UI needs. I want to be able to hit a single key (lets say 5) to activate one of two abilities depending on which seal I currently have active. I've done some research on the prospect, but it doesn't seem to be easy like it is with stances and shapeshift forms. How can this be done (using any addon or macro)?

    When key 5 is pressed (
    If current_seal = Seal of truth
    Then /cast Templar's Verdict
    Else if current_seal = Seal of Righteousness
    Then /cast Divine Storm

    Other thoughts:
    Automatically switch bar 1 to bar 2 if specific seal is active
    Switch individual skillslots if specific seal is active
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    As far as macros are considered, paladin seals are still just buffs and can't be used as a macro condition for [form:x] and [stance:x].

    That being said there is no way for a macro to make decisions for you based on the presence of a buff or debuff.

    If you want you can use the /swapactionbar rowA rowB command with nearly identical layouts and macro that in when you change your seal.
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    I've tried the /swapactionbar macro, but it doesn't seem to work with bartender4. Is there a way to do this with bartender4?

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    In BT4 this feature has been disabled by default, but its still there. Turn it back on in the settings, Bar 1 -> State Configuration -> ActionBar Paging

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    Have you actually checked to see if [stance:x] works or not with paladin seals? They're on the stance bar now in the default UI, so it's worth checking just in case.

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    DK Presences have been on the stance bar since day 1 and don't work with [stance] either, they are just spells.

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