listen and please try to be civil.
Warrior *macro burst is too high. the "swifty" pop everything macro is way to insane, and can be easily used and can often burst through most defensives, (even things like pain sub, and combat readiness)

as a rogue, i find that vanish isnt even a good enough counter, i easily get hit for 100k with the shockwave alone, and more than likely another 50k ontop of that before i trinket and vanish... but it doesnt end there, if i do successfully vanish, the warrior may simply switch focus, and blow up whoever else is next to them, forcing me to re-exit stealth and peel while still being gimped within the first 5 seconds of a game. warriors have little trade off between burst and defensives (with the acknowledged exception of sheild wall). the point with warrior defensive is NOT about second wind, but more about counter pressure or something similar, and the warrior to be able to continue bursting with little hindered by popping die by the sword, and rallying cry if brought down to second wind.

this macro is a problem, and the idea of the long cooldowns or risk of popping all cooldowns at once does not balance warrior burst if it can go straight through anything it touches, and is very hard to avoid considering the 5 second warbringer-shockwave stun... and no im not completely sure that it can even be kited given it is a 3v3 scenario and the target can be slowed or snared back into warrior's grasp. It is frustrating as an admitted 1700s arena player who cant break through to 18 because of 1 shot comps like kfc (which is back to back queues from multiple teams) or really anything that is simply abusing warrior to get easy rank ups when the team is really only worth 15-1600. the same was said about rogues in cata. i will admit that, i feel rogues have a nice balance right now, and i would like to see the same for warriors.