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    Monk. I started playing a WD at release. Then swtiched over to Monk and I have played her ever since!

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    Wizard, however barbarian is nice too.

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    Male Monk.

    He looks like the famous Rikus from the AD&D world.

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    Monk no doubt about it. So much utility and great damage. When I did play it was a ton of fun.

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    still looking over the horizon for my necromancer but i have to say its witchdoctor for now

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    Paladin. They will add him in the expansion, I am sure. They already have an model with some animations (Tyrael).
    Necro? There is an mini-quest in act II with Necro and his poision nova + we have bone-shield. They will add him too 99%.

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    I have 60s of everything but DH. For higher MP and ubers I like my barb. For speed on mp1 I like my monk, I liked my witch doctor until I discovered tempest rush on the monk, and haven't looked back at my witch doctor. Wizard is too slow for me, I like to dps on the move.

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    Barbarian, they're so op.

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    Wizard > Monk > DH > WD > Barbarian

    I like killing things with shear kinetic force/power.

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    Having a good time using exploding palm and cyclone strike on the monk. Get one close to death, mark them, vacuume and them boom like necromancers ce in d2.

    Barbs are still king, i can do mp8 as fast as my others do mp5. 500k hota's, ww, tornados and 2.96 attk speed.

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    It depends on the situation and which friends are online ;-)

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    Still barb. Leveled 2 of them (well 4, really, but 2 didn't make it to 60) to 60 hardcore, with one of them dying in the crypts in Act1 and my current one farming to get ready for Act2. I don't like monk and I'm meh on DH/Wiz, but I have never touched a witch doctor. Probably never will.

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