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    Fire Elemental: snapshot of stats, or dynamic update?

    Hey folks, got a question that I've been unable to figure out for my elemental shaman alt (main warrior). http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...nquis/advanced
    Right now when I pop my fire elemental totem, I wait for (preferably) both of my intellect-enhancing trinkets to have procced to have a nice meaty 5000+ bonus to intellect on my fire elemental. I've assumed so far that it takes a snapshot of stats, as it's a guardian and not an actual pet. When I used to play warlock a few years ago, I believe that's how the doomguard worked.

    Now looking at a thread on these forums where people discuss their starting rotation, I see many ele shamans popping their fire elemental right at the start, even before their flame shock.
    Are mechanics on guardians (or at least the fire elemental) such now that they dynamically update with stats (and thus it being ideal to pop before combat starts so it gets the full length of buffs), or do we still need to wait for te best possible moment (trinket procs, weapon proc, buff pot) to all be active and summon at that exact moment for the best snapshot of stats?

    Thanks in advance!

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    it's dynamic
    These words in my mouth... where did they come from? I don't think I'm the one that put them there...

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    What he said. Stopped being snap shot in pandaria I think.

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    Alright thanks. Been going through a whole lot of trouble setting up weakaura's with internal cooldowns etc. to lower my dps. Easy fix

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    They are also treated as pet, as of 5.0

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