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    Anyone miss talent trees?

    Making abilities a little stronger each level, maybe every 10 levels or so get a class-changing ability.... Those were the days....

    (I am, of course, talking about the pre-MoP trees we had, not the talent "bricks" we have today.)

    I want a refund for all the gold I spent on training.
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    I do not want gold, but I want talent trees, they were awesome for me at least. :-)

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    I liked the talent point every level but there were some talents I'm glad to see gone (like ones that increased a value by 1% each point up to 5%, so boring)

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    I sort of do, I liked being able to hybrid yourself more whilst levelling, but then I recall how boring it was at max level.

    (not that it's any better now, as a pve rogue, nearly every talent has no influence or is cookie cutter)
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    Quote Originally Posted by docterfreeze View Post
    Making abilities a little stronger each level, maybe every 10 levels or so get a class-changing ability.... Those were the days....

    I want a refund for all the gold I spent on abilities.
    I don't play anymore but yes I missed it. But this is just nostalgia speaking. I also missed the days when people weren't flying everywhere and you actually had to form a group to do a heroic. And your reputation with the server mattered.

    I also missed playing with friends. I played so long by myself in that game. I'm glad I escaped that trap so I can rework on building friendships.

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    I miss talent trees.

    I just cant care about the new system. Its apallign whilst leveling, and has no depth or interest.

    Even an illusion of choice was better than this system.

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    yeah i liked talent trees

    if only there was a way they could work, giving enough diversity

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    Honestly I would love a hybrid system that still had talents but every x number of levels you had to pick one of 3 mutualy exlusive talents.
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    Nope. I like the new one better.
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    I don't miss them in the slightest.

    I have more talent points I can move about on a fight by fight basis than I ever did with the old talent trees (5 vs 2). It's easier to move them about too. I have better utility and survivability than I used to, and my playstyle is much more varied too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eillas View Post
    Nope. I like the new one better.
    Why is that?

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    I miss it on a basis of pure nostalgia. From a basis of improved gameplay I do not miss it a bit. Would I go back to it? No.

    The talent choices now offer a lot more meaning than previously or just as much at the least in some cases. The trees while nice (once again, nostalgia) for putting your points in when you gained them, had very little effect on your character in the end. Now you have a lot more flexibility and a lot more options and your choices can have a greater impact.

    Really it's a ton better now than before. Even if it mans while just leveling you go ahead and just go with which one you prefer it's a big improvement over the trees.
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    Well in some ways I liked them, but then again it just led to either using the cookie cutter spec or using the wrong spec.

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    Can't say i do. Probably because i hardly ever looked at them.

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    No, the new one I actually get to make a few choices, the old one was, this is what EJ/IV says to do so I guess I'll just do that.

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    Though I will agree it was more exciting when leveling, but I have all classes at 85 now, so it's not a big deal.

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    Don't miss the talent trees, but I do miss hybrid specs. I wish there was some way to implement hybrid specs again.
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    While leveling i miss them. At max level not so much.

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    The cata talent tree sucked balls as you couldn't go into other trees before maxing out one. The mop talent would be fine if it had atleast 9-12 rows of options not 6... Best still was the tbc-wrath one, so many options. Although PoE has pretty sweet talent tree (ENORMOUS amount of options) which is based on FF.

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    They were nice while leveling. Made the uphill march more of a gradient then a jagged cliff. Though after Cataclysm turned the talent trees into 3 core specs where you were forced to dump the majority of your points, they really lost their usefulness. I remember being a 30holy/21 prot paladin, for example. It was during those times that the system really shined.
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    I can't possibly miss the old trees. I haven't thought back once since they're gone. How could I? I never interacted with them in the first place. The old system was "set and forget" in the most literal and negative sense. Ironically, the most play you could get out of the old system was during Vanilla/BC, where you could still experiment with obscure hybrid builds - which however was also partially due to the crapiness of several talents.

    I like the new one better. Not because it's so good, but because even those few talent rows are still more interesting than the old system in its entirety. I at least happen to swap things out here and there, and the choices themselves are far more interesting. The system could/should be improved/expanded though.
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