View Poll Results: What's your favorite battleground?

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  • Warsong Gulch

    34 21.38%
  • Arathi Basin

    40 25.16%
  • Alterac Valley

    36 22.64%
  • Eye of the Storm

    6 3.77%
  • Strand of the Ancients

    2 1.26%
  • Isle of Conquest

    11 6.92%
  • Battle for Gilneas

    3 1.89%
  • Twin Peaks

    4 2.52%
  • Silvershard Mines

    9 5.66%
  • Temple of Kotmogu

    10 6.29%
  • Battlegrounds? It's all about Arena

    4 2.52%
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    Favorite Battleground

    Pretty simple poll, what's your favorite battleground to play? Do you like:

    Warsong Gulch, the classic capture-the-flag game between the Warsong Outriders and the Silverwing Sentinels

    Arathi Basin, the WoW version of a resource/domination game, fought between the Defilers and the League of Arathor

    Alterac Valley, the strategic warzone, pitting the Frostwolf Clan against the Stormpike Guard

    Eye of the Storm, the domination game with a twist, fought between the Draenei and the Blood Elves

    Strand of the Ancients, the siege invasion game that showcases the Warsong Offensive and the Valiance Expedition at odds

    Isle of Conquest, the giant resource-siege combo where you fight for either the Kor'Kron Guard or the 7th Legion

    The Battle for Gilneas, the resource remake that showcases the Forsaken and Worgen at war

    Twin Peaks, the capture-the-flag remake between the Dragonmaw Orcs and the Wildhammer Dwarves

    Silvershard Mines, the payload style game where the Horde and Alliance fight over a Goblin mine

    Temple of Kotmogu, the WoW equivelant to smear-the-...nevermind where The Horde and Alliance battle it out

    Yes, I did type all of that out. Why? Because I care about you guys.... Actually I'm just bored and I want you to vote.

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    Herald of the Titans Feral Camel's Avatar
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    Old AV (No rose coloured glasses here)
    Current AB.

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    warsong ab

    eff the rest

    but the wrath bgs are deffs the worst. so bad lol

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    Bloodsail Admiral Brightamethyst's Avatar
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    Kyaro village
    Eye of the Storm

    No idea why, but I absolutely love EotS.

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    (old)AV, nothing beats big battlefields and tactics!

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    Da gulch!

    They pretty much ruined it over the years, though. Shame.

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    The Patient The Boomking's Avatar
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    Umeå, Sweden
    People may be surprised, but Isle of Conquest.
    For one I like the setting, with the awesome blue colors and it being a giant island in the north sea, but then again I'm a sucker for the nordic areas.

    Other reason being that there's just so many different things you can do, so it never gets boring. Whereas AB might be defend or attack, which is alright too, in IoC you can drive vehicles and assault the gates, attack glaives, run with bombs, defend vehicles, defend the keep, turret the vehicles, jump on the airship and attack the other keep, regular fighting (ofc), and good ol' fashioned ninjacapping bases, if that's what tickles your fancy.

    People may or may not agree with me, but IoC is the bg that I never get tired of, cause there's always something different you can do.

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    None now days. I have done them so much that i hate doing them now days. 7 years of stuff like wsg and ab gets rather boring. If i had to vote for one it would be Isle of Conquest believe it or not. Wish they had more 40man bgs i love them/..
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    Arathi basin by far. Perfect size. When you lose you lose hard it is over fast, when you win hard it is over fast. Fair map.

    After that it is the 40mans. I just like healing those, especially epic AV battles.

    Last on my list are the 10mans that can drag out far too long when it is decided early. GY camping is not my idea of fun, it wastes my time.

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    I'm also a sucker for 40man BG's.

    While I loved the old AV (not the ancient old where it took days to finish one) where you actually summoned bosses etc..
    Sure you can still do that...but nobody does it. (atleast, I think you still can?)
    They should make it less than 10 minutes before he activates.

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    I am Murloc! Scummer's Avatar
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    Arathi Basin.
    It's large enough that there's a good possibility for some good 1v1 action at times. Also I just enjoy the prefer the objective as it doesn't compromise the PvP in anyway, while WSG (Which is my second favourite) can turn into ridiculously boring grinds of trying to attack a Tank specced with like 3 healers which imo sometimes hurts the enjoyment of PvP at times.
    There's also enough buildings to be used for LOS'ing which makes team play easy when playing with a friend in a similar manner to arena.

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    My favorite is wsg. Probably because I had to do it 700times for the rep achievement.
    Followed my Mogu, zerging ftw

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    The Patient
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    AV. Old school. I'd like to see this become a permanent warzone similar to Krasarang. Flying mounts disabled in the zone (you get a parachute if you fly over it, and are dropped near the middle of the field). Ideally, it would let lowbies be involved & have a fair chance -- say giving everyone the ability to control a "vehicle" 5-strong squad, with a shared health pool, of roughly equivalent power to a 90 in all 463 gear.

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    I am Murloc! FuxieDK's Avatar
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    All forms of PvP is horribly painfull, but IoC causes the least amount of discomfort..
    Fact (because I say so): TBC > Cata > Legion > MoP > WoD = WotLK

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    Alterac Valley, Arathi basin comes in at a close 2nd

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    Voted for the OLD Warsong Gulch.

    Right now though, you couldn't bribe me enough to enter any of them.

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    Old AV, talk about a war.

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    Easily Arathi Basin.
    Moderator of Heroes of the Storm, come say hi!

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    Silvershard mine as Horde, it's my least favorite as Alliance though.

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