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    Heroic Tsulong 10 man as Destruction

    i was curious if anyone here has gone Destruction on Heroic Tsulong... I main Affliction and that's what i'm best at i feel, but i'm getting bored and destruction is fun. If you have gone Destruction for it, are there and tips or important things i can do as Destruction? i appreciate any feed back.

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    Fun fight for destro if you can get lucky sburn snipes on the adds. Havok on cd off of tsulong at during night or the empowered during day for extra boosts. I'd prefer demo for HC tsulong, if you're just looking for something different. The CS knockback is quite nice.

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    Swapping specs out of boredom at what sounds like progress would probably be a bad idea.. Unless it's specificly a dps upgrade, which I guess it could be if you're really good at cheesing those Shadowburns on the adds.

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