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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingoomieiii View Post
    From my reading, I assume that rather working as you describe, converting 6k Crit, 3k Haste and 3k Mastery into 6k of each, it will drop the bottom two to zero and give you +6k Crit.

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    It's gonna be fun reapplying SS/MoC in that time. Gotta avoid using Cobra, though, adding duration to dots makes them recalculate.
    I really believe rune won't work like that, this is how I believe it will work.

    Crit 6000
    Mastery 3000
    Haste 3000


    Crit 6000
    Mastery 6000
    Haste 6000


    It clearly says it takes the highest value of the 3 to determine the value of the other 2. Not combining then making that value the highest.

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    It doesn't "clearly" say that. It does say it converts all three of those stats into the highest of the three, not "brings he lowest two to the same value as the highest"

    I'm thinking:

    Re-origination: 12,000 crit rating.

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    The wording we really need to focus on is that it converts them into the highest of the three attributes, it doesn't convert them into the highest value. If it converts to an attribute, they're all becoming crit. If it converts to a value, they'll all become 6,000.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hikashuri View Post
    Equip: When your attacks hit you have a chance to trigger Re-Origination. Re-Origination converts all of your Critical Strike, Haste, and Mastery into the highest of those three attributes for 20 sec.

    If you can read it clearly states that it will turn them all into the highest of the 3. And at no point will it count them up and use that value.
    It converts your crit, haste and mastery into the highest of the three. The highest is crit so all haste and mastery would be converted into crit.

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    Yeah darn I get it now lol. Then that will one imba trinket oO

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    Actually, with the 3000 mastery buff that puts my mastery ahead of my crit. I want to test this trinket and see if it converts the mastery buff, because if it does that will be a shitty trinket for me atm. It would convert my crit into mastery.

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    Running LFR to see if I can get it to drop.

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    It would be one of those things that you want to pool focus right as the ICD is coming off CD, but I do believe it works to zero the other two stats and add them onto the highest stat.

    12k crit rating with 0 haste/0 mastery can be good, if you've planned for it and are only casting instants.

    The 15k agility proc for 2s trinket is going to be frustrating as hell, it'll make us be even more whack-a-moley, as we'll be trying to update non-dynamic stuff in that last 2 seconds. Currently Lynx Rush seems like a good contender, as does SrS if you can pool enough focus to not have to update it for probably near half its duration. Everything else updates dynamically.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruffles View Post
    Seems really bad. The proc doesn't add any stats, just converts existing itemization that you already have into a different stat. Needs a change to be competitive with the other options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neazy View Post
    Seems really bad. The proc doesn't add any stats, just converts existing itemization that you already have into a different stat. Needs a change to be competitive with the other options.
    Should be a 1.25% modifier imo. Then it would be decent. I have 12776 stats altogether with the modifier it would be 15970 stats. A 3194 stat gain, but the increase in crit would offset the small bonus. With its current design I still think that trinket is bad either way.

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    Bad Juju and Soul charm should be BiS, I don't see Haste being useful or a trinket that trumps out all your Mastery and Haste for some extra crit.

    I wouldn't want to play around with retarded procs tbh, haste is never really that useful since we have FF, RF, Lust and Berserking if you are Troll.

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    Rune of Origination is not for Hunters. Think more gimmicky specs like Fire Mages hitting 100% crit during the proc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeverStop View Post
    Rune of Origination is not for Hunters. Think more gimmicky specs like Fire Mages hitting 100% crit during the proc.
    Yes, I can only imagine what mages are going to be doing with about 1500 agi.. -_-
    It's a hunter, rogue, feral trinket..

    Edit: I sort of forgot about monks

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    I don't think he necessarily meant give it to a Mage but more just that kind of gimmick. Ferals will kill for this trinket to put bleeds up in CDs, rogues will probably save their vanish for the extra free mutilate/envenom for this. Stuff like that. But with the pet mastery buff that'll make it tough on hunters.
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    Renataki and Juju for hunters , rune for classes who value one stat much higher than others ( enha shamans , assas rogues etc... )

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    Rune seems to be EPIC<<---- trinket ever !! with it u can just buff 1 stat to max (reducing other 2 maximally) and still ill have best dps !! omg its cool ! an another trinket Renataki's Soul Charm ! cool i like it both...

    P.S. doesnt Rune trinket has CD ??? strange ... it should have cuz more swift classes would trigger it more often and have advantage over others and quite BIG advantage! so if u have this trinket burst haste to trigger it more often.... it doesnt make sence

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    It's likely to trigger the "wrong" stat and not be as strong as its competitors. And of course it will have a cool down on how often it can proc.
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    the real question is, is it also going to ''make'' the mastery from the mastery buff converted to haste/crit

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    Well naturally it should. The mastery buff increases your mastery rating, and then the trinket looks at what ratings you have. It's because of this, though, that mastery ends up being slightly higher than crit rating even if you completely reforge for crit. So everything will probably get converted to mastery.
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    Rune looks interesting in theory (mainly because it's a never-seen-before effect), but pretty terrible in practise. No increase in secondary stats = no change in DPS at best, and a reduction in DPS at worst. So the proc's either going to have no real effect, or be counter-productive.

    To fix it, it would have to also set the two stats it reduces to a non-zero value (whatever would be balanced against the other trinket procs for the ilvl). For example, for someone with 2000 haste, 4000 mastery, and 5000 critical strike, it could set critical strike to 11000 and then set haste and mastery to, say, 2000 each (or some other balanced number here). This would give an overall increase in stats, not completely wipe out two of those stats, and still give more of whatever stat you stack -- meaning it might not be the best, depending on your stats and stat priority, but it at least would have the possibility of being usable.

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    Untill we know more about the exact workings of the procs, it'll be hard to tell. Talisman of bloodlust sounds like it'll be a new fluid death, with base agility and incredible amounts of haste. It's important to remember that, as said, the secondary stats are so close to each other right now that the reorigination trinket will be downright useless (especially as the different stats scale with each other - if it remove 8% damage from your mastery, you might crit more often, but your crits will be lower, etc).
    It'll be between Blades, Bloodlust and Juju, in any case - all depends how powerfull the voodoo gnomes are, how the stacking buff from bloodlust works, and if blades' works like Kiril did (eg, 20 seconds buff, agil increases at 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20, does the buff remain for 20 or 2 seconds?).

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    You guys could be looking at the origination trinket all wrong. How about this,

    8k Crit
    7k Mastery
    2k Haste

    Trinket Procs

    8k + 7k + 2k

    17k Crit
    7k Mastery
    2k Haste

    So you actually keep your other secondary stats. It's not so hard to believe seeing as we already get 8.5k crit from H TiTm.

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