alrright want to get some imput from others hunters since i didnt done a lot of testing but so far i have notice this:

seems like is a waste to not pop RF on cd unless you getting a focus fire up that way you stay perma hasted 100% of the time.

poping rapid fire during BW dosnt seem like a waste because you will be getting out of bw and almost be able to cast it again after the one you poped during bw finish.

reduced CD trinket seems too good for BM and garbage for the other specs.

intelect trinket seem better for hunters than agi trinkets if we can make it proc. i was using vials of the shadows remake (even tho not that good) and dosnt seem to proc at all(could be a problem with skada).

with all the haste you get from focus fire and rapid fire gemming haste seems pointless, i did a lot of dummy testing unbuff with just a crit pet and i was close to 1 sec cobrashots (1.1-1.2 sec cast)

the rotation seems a bit way too fast paced tho. i still dont get used to it and i did around 4-5 hours dummy test.