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    Hunters need glyph changes too, blizzard :(

    Not only would new cosmetic glyphs be nice like all the other classes are getting, but some majors going baseline would be nice, pathfinding, disengage, mend pet just off the top of my head. Mostly from a pvp stand point, as pve doesn't have many mandatory glyphs, but PVP hunters have the following they can shift around: Master's call, disengage, icy solace, animal bond, liberation, camouflage, explosive trap (almost mandatory, right here) and mirrored blades.
    I think we're the class with the most 'good' major glyphs. some of the less powerful ones like disengage path finding (this one especially, who the hell ever glyphs this? no other class glyphs mount speed :/) and maybe glyph of aimed shot for MM. what do you guys think?

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    I don't think any of the glyphs you mentioned should be baselined. The whole point of the glyph system is to trade some additional features to your abilities in and out depending on your play style.

    There's only really one must have glyph for PvE (animal bond), and as you say aimed shot for MM although who plays MM . The rest we can swap in and out as we like, which is really nice. I'd hate to be a class where 3 majors were mandatory and you couldn't swap them out.

    Pathfinding has it's uses when doing certain things, like that all the pet battle dailies in one day achi!

    I agree with your suggestion of wanting more cosmetic glyphs though, just not really sure what these could be for hunters. I like the MD glyph but that's really all we have that's decent in the cosmetic category. Maybe they can rework fireworks so that they randomly shoot out of your weapon as it fires. Or maybe it shoots a fireworks pattern above your head of a major cooldown you've used (BW, RF, stampede).

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    You honestly think pathfinding shouldn't go baseline? you're the first hunter i've heard say that.
    also i was mostly talking from a pvp standpoint, pve uses maybe 1-2 glyphs mandatory, but PVP has about 8-9 that have to be shifted around.

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    I was under the impression that pathfinding did not stack with the guild mount up perk.
    So it would purely be a BG glyph (so doesnt need to be baseline, not to mention its even then not mandatory at all.) or when you want to gain the 8% speed during aspect of cheetah/pack . (also a choice, so no need to make it baseline. The speed increase is never used anyway since you dont use aspect ever due to the dazing. And hunter mobility is nr1 so no need to gain even more speed anyway)

    Disengage and mend pet I can see the logic of.
    Camouflage would be my own choice, but id rather give myself more speed during it as well . Having your team wait 10 secs for you to get even close since youre so slow is annoying as hell. (esp. in arena since positioning is key usually)

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    I hear you, tbh i think pathfinding should be upped to the same as pally/dk if they want us using it. and it should be an aura again... but that's a different topic.

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    so you have choices in glyphs... sounds about right to me

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    Animal Bond should be removed or made baseline.

    Pathfinding could be buffed.

    Others are fine.

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    Yea the discussion about the pathfinding glyph involves the system of "aspects" themselves I believe.
    Instead of making the glyph baseline it would be more something akin to "aspect of the pack " 3min cd, *copy paste stampeding roar details here*
    But hey , different subject all together right? I can only wonder at the idea of how aspects might change in the future.
    Id be happy by removing hawk and making THAT baseline. Ive caught myself out of hawk a couple of times before. The status of "no aspect active" could also be removed, that would be the better solution prob.

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    "Hmm, there are more than three major/minor glyphs that I wish to use because I like them all."

    Sounds like glyphs are doing their job to me.
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    The only things I would want to see are Glyph of Aimed Shot being baseline, and a minor glyph that gives us Eyes of the Beast back.
    And heck why not, a minor glyph to show a cosmetic melee weapon on our back would be nice as well.
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    I think the glyphs are pretty spot on if you're having to constantly choose which ones you wanna use for the situation. That and we're still pretty early in the ptr, I'm sure some will come around.

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    well considering animal bond + detterence glyph are pretty much 100% there in PVE you can hardly call that spot on.

    for PVP I do like the choice to have a knockback/spells reflected during det. / longer disengage / trapsize / speed on top of trap etc
    but then again the camouflage glyph is awesome but should really allow you more speed ( its so slow its awful) considering that when you want it youre forcing your teammates to wait about 20-30 secs to get into position. (note I like the choice but not the mechanic - not saying I want it baseline persé)

    so its more that per glyph it should be looked at if its something you only pick vs certain setups /boss mechanics. Or if its something you should always have since you either have to take it or if without it the class would be feeling lacking. (animal bond /det im looking at you) Im certainly not claiming it cant be played without , just that compared to some other classes that get certain things for free or have other options baseline it might "feel" lacking. Actual weakness or perceived weakness are ofc 2 things seperate.

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    Glyph of Aspects need to be removed/replaced ... or Aspects made useful again
    You're not allowed to discuss conspiracy theories on mmo-champion, which makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.

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    I think we could use at least a few new neat minor glyphs :|

    Eyes of the Beast pls!

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    Minor Glyph of Fire Arrow, Minor Glyph of Lightning arrow, Minor Glyph of Undead Arrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volant View Post
    Minor Glyph of Fire Arrow, Minor Glyph of Lightning arrow, Minor Glyph of Undead Arrow.
    Minor Glyph of Gnome Arrow?
    You're not allowed to discuss conspiracy theories on mmo-champion, which makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.

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    Animal Bond merged with Spirit Bond talent.
    Glyph of Cheetah and Revival (pet rez without pushbacks) baseline. Rest is fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsoni View Post
    Animal Bond merged with Spirit Bond talent.
    No thanks. AotIH will continue to be the best talent for raiding (and probably PVP) even after the nerf.

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    Id very much like a minor glyph that changes Arcane shot (just cosmetic spice the animation up a little).
    Actually two different ones would be lovely; one that had either a explosive (arcane)/bleed effect upon impact (Thori'dal shot animation would be cool aswell).
    And the second one; Upon impact Arcane shot left projectiles (arrows) in the target for a short period of time, like Ice lance only tinier and realistic.

    Reasoning; we have to spam it so much and its soooooooooooooooooooooooooo dull.

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    Defintely Pathfinder. Most useless glyph ever. The 10% mount speed does NOT stack with guild perk, and 8% to cheetah/pack..

    So, baseline 40% cheetah/pack speed, and 20% baseline mount speed.

    Besides that, I think a few glyphs should be rolled into each other- the 3 glyphs that affects pet tanking, extra healing to mend pet, dispel on mend pet, and MD no CD on pet should be rolled into 1 glyph, as well as a number of others.
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