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    Been thinking of swapping my Pally to Horde, any recommendations on quests?

    So being sick of the (lack) alliance side of things and not wanting at all to level another toon from 1-90 after my monk, I've been thinking of simply paying a faction change to move my pally to horde to do their quests and such from 85-90 and experience life on that side. So with that in mind, what are some of the better leveling quests from before that to do? For example, if I end up doing Belf pally over Tauren, would I still be able to do all the Belf pally exclusive quests to get like the tabard and such? Also I'm looking for like good lore moments and such as well. So if anyone has some recommendations, I'd like to hear them

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    The entire Maximillian of Northshire quest chain in Un'Goro is amazing.

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    Horde levelling zones (lore/awesomeness)

    Western Plaguelands
    Desolace (for the Sin'dorei questgiver's chain)
    Swamp of Sorrows

    For Reliquary (and therefore Sin'dorei zones therefore best zones)

    The Pally mount quests have been removed, the tabard is attached to their lvl50 dungeon quest that everybody gets, also gives you a bananabringer model helm.
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