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    Possible Blackout Kick Bug

    I was just clearing naxx and after I did loatheb, followed by Sapphiron with the spore crit chance buff. Afterwards I was looking through skada to see what my crit %'s were on various abilities. The first thing I noticed was that my blackout kick was very low. 31.6% for Sapphiron and 22.9% for loatheb. My character sheet reads 40% crit. It would appear that for some reason my blackout kick isn't benefiting from the spore crit chance buff. All other abilites look about right.

    Now granted this is an EXTREMELY small sample size. But it does seem odd that its ridiculously low for both bosses. I was just wondering if some others could test it out and post their results as well.

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    Are you glyphed for Blackout Kick? if so then Skada is skewing the results due to the Dot on the boss. The Dot does not crit since it is taking 10% of the initial Blackout Kick damage as a dot.

    I have yet to find a way to separate the dot from Blackout Kick and the actual Blackout Kick in Skada.

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    Oh that of course must it what was giving me the strange numbers then. I just recently swapped to skada from recount. Forgot that skada lumps that all into one thing where as recount would have a separate listing for the dot portion of the damage. Thanks for quickly clarifying that for me.

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    Blackout Kick (DoT) is separated from Blackout Kick in Recount, you could use that

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    You also have 3% crit suppression against a +3 level boss.

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