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    Laptop for college student.

    I'm currently looking to buy a laptop and am searching for some help finding the right one.

    I am a college student majoring in computer science and I would like a laptop that would be useful for class but that I would also be able to play some games on (even if I cant play them on max settings). I currently play WoW Starcraft 2 and Farcry so something that would run these decently would be preferred. I'm looking to spend around 400-600 dollars though I would like to keep it closer to $400. I've been looking around lenovo toshiba and at amazon but I'm not super hardware savvy. I would like the the computer to have a dvd optical drive, and decent battery (3-4 hours minimum if I'm just working on school work).

    If anyone could help me out I would very much appreciate any suggestions. Pros and Cons to certain laptops would be very helpful in my decision making as well.

    Thank you.

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    they are cheaper

    they are pretty easy to replace if shit happens

    the customer service is great

    and they work perfectly. just get a cooling pad for the games, they heat up pretty easy.

    mine is a basic model with 4 gigs of ram, the equiv dell lap top is 1000 bucks, the equiv mac is like 2000 bucks. this toshiba with discounts and deals was only 600.

    the only major con is that the hard drives are not the strongest. in maybe a year shit happens if you play games. but its easy to replace and takes a short period of time to get ti fixed if under warranty.

    dell told me it would take a month to ship me a p.c lap top, apple would have taken 2 months. toshiba took 3 days. to get my second one fixed it took less than a week. after my first one broke i had a new one a few days later.

    the service really makes toshiba better imo. At the end of the day its the service that comes with your computer thats going to mean a lot.
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