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    Shadow. More specifically Finger of Death (read the tooltip if you don't remember it)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Argarock View Post
    Arcane rips you apart on a sub-molecular level, that's far worse than the others.

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    Lightning + Armour = ???

    Can't post links so just search youtube for Arc Attack

    (the answer is 'awesome')

    I'd go with priests shadow magic... shredding the mind, and can most likely make the body feel the pain of all the other magics ever, at the same time.

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    Holy by far. Paladins can do terrible things to a sinner. There's a reason the undead are terrified of it.

    I'd put Shadow a close second, then all the physical magic after that with Frost last.

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    I dunno, I think Nature magic could be a contender for top slot, I mean nature can be pretty brutal in the real world, I wouldn't want to mess with it.

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    David Blaine and Criss Angel are pretty painful to watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zenyatta View Post
    Which magic type hurts the worst? Super heated Pyroblasts? Searing holy power? Ice-laden Frostbolts?

    My list (most to least painful)

    Shadow is probably a mental pain more than a physical, which is why I'd give it the nod over fire. Holy, likely just feels like standing near a heater. It's warm and cozy and you don't immediately realise it's killing you.
    All pain originates in the mind. There is no such thing as physical pain. Without the mind there is no pain. So yeah shadow takes it because it creates the pain at it's source.

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