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    Stable Slots and MoP Taming

    Hey there, so Ill be returning to my hunter (and wow) after taking a decent break.

    What Ide love to know is if they have increased the amount of stable slots you can have, as my hunter is fully loaded with exotic pets since I made him in BC and I really dont want to pick and choose what pets I want to abandon or keep.

    Secondly, have they added a million new exotic pets or challenge tames, like they did in Cata?

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    We have 5 active pets that can be summoned at any time (one at a time) or used with our new ability stampede (summons all at once).

    We also have 2 pages worth of non-active pets.

    As for new pets, there's a ton again. Some fall into existing categories, some are brand new categories.

    Also, in 5.2 we can tame dinosaurs.
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    nope they didnt add new stable slots so if you have it full after cata and want some of the new pets, you'll have to get rid of old ones

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    We were given more stable slots and we still need more. also there is a worm u can tame atm that is removed next patch one is 90 other is 30 or 40

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