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    I think this trinket will be better than Bad Juju, kind of depends on how much damage those little gnomes do if any. Also, BiS tier setup will be Helm, Chest, Shoulders, and Gloves with offset legs from Lei Shen. The weapons are debatable to me since the two poorly itemized weapons have much higher top end damage than the ones that are itemized well. Either way we'll be reforging out of expertise and haste into hit on most occasions.

    http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=96702 for the neck as well. It doesn't say who it drops from but it has all 3 versions listed. Hopefully I'm not being teased by the typical multiple ID trash drop.

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    How many weapon are there in this tier? Only 2 drop in current raids and I'm counting 4 now, I doubt they will all make it to live but still having 3 on 13 bosses would be better then we have now.

    A little off-topic I guess but it caught my interest.

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    i saw 2 bows a bun and a wand... i might of missed something. However it seems the hit/expertise bow will be the best one

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    1 Gun (Voice of Quilen from Iron Qon) 2 Bows (Shattered Tortoiseshell Longbow, from Tortos and one which doesn't have a boss from which it drops.) and a crossbow (From Durumu)

    I guess only the gun and bow from Tortos will make it eventually, considering the crossbow is heroic only right now (?) and it's the same as the pvp bow.

    But PTR is PTR.

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    Slot Listing 5.2

    To make it much easier to find what you need/want for your BiS list in 5.2!



























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    The weapons without drops on them, I think they are heroic versions of trash drops, meaning they probably won't drop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hikashuri View Post
    The weapons without drops on them, I think they are heroic versions of trash drops, meaning they probably won't drop?
    Fair assumption, the normal one might drop from trash then, which could give us another weapon in case bosses don't give. (Hunters do seem to complain the most about not getting their gun, I don't have mine yet still actually)

    Skeptical about the crossbow too because it's sharing it's icon and stats with the pvp crossbow.

    Also Ra-Den has one huge ass loot table with that many agi items alone dropping from him if that's correct.

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    Ra'den in the ptr only seems to drop thunderforged (all available pieces). Which is def the best coin boss ever :>

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    The bow without a boss attached also has a raidfinder version, so I'd be surprised if it's not on a boss loot table. It might be like the shadowgrip girdle, drops off multiple bosses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eschatological View Post
    The bow without a boss attached also has a raidfinder version, so I'd be surprised if it's not on a boss loot table. It might be like the shadowgrip girdle, drops off multiple bosses.
    What other bosses does shadowgrip girdle drop from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woobels View Post
    What other bosses does shadowgrip girdle drop from?
    Shadowgrip girlde only drops off of sha. They may be referencing the ranger's chain of unending summer which drops off of lei shi and tsulong.

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    Helm/Shoulders/Chest/Gloves: Tier
    Legs: Conduit-Breaker Chain leggings
    Waist: Jingling Fetishgirdle
    Feet: Treads of the Sanguine Volley
    Wrist: Beady Eye Bracers (with crit and expertise or mastery)
    Cloak: Grey Wind Mistcloak
    Neck: Necklace of the Terra-Cotta Archer
    Ring1: Ra-den's Swift Seal
    Ring2: Gore-Soaked Gear
    Weapon: Durumu's Baleful Gaze
    Trinket1: Bad Juju
    Trinket2: Renataki's Soul Charm or Talisman of Bloodlust

    Napkin math for this set with enchants and gems before trinkets/reforging/professions:
    Agi: 20176
    Crit: 8568
    Mastery: 2934
    Haste: 6471
    Hit: 3265
    Expertise: 2523

    Using Talisman of Bloodlust in this gear set reaches 15151 haste and the twelfth attack for Dire Beast (14167 haste per Whitefyst's calculations on Elitist Jerk's forums) at the expense of a considerable amount of mastery.

    Calculations were based on notepad scratches that hopefully remained legible...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehstool View Post
    Shadowgrip girlde only drops off of sha. They may be referencing the ranger's chain of unending summer which drops off of lei shi and tsulong.
    Well, it "drops" :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Jhazrun View Post
    You know how people talk about how you could just make a piece of rock with a billion health and damage and call it "hard"?

    Ra-den is what you get when a designer thinks that's actually a really good idea.
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    Also, every piece can be thunderforged, no? If so, our BiS is not just picking the thunderforged items on that list, which results in extraordinarily high haste.

    NecK: Necklace of the Terra-Cotta Archer
    Back: Pinionfeather Greatcloak
    Wrists: Crit/mastery Beady-Eye Bracers
    Waist: Links of the Disintegrator
    Feet: Treads of the Sanguine Volley
    Rings: Ra-den's and Gore Soaked
    Trinkets: still up for debate pending procs/ICDs/spec

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    but why go after the high haste?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemesis003 View Post
    but why go after the high haste?
    A cobra shot hasted to 1.5 or 1.33 seconds offers some possible adjustments to focus build and dump cycles. Dire beast has thresholds where it gains an extra attack. Haste and crit synerqize very well for a marksman hunter using an aimed shot focus dump. There are definitely compromises to get higher values of haste, and the benefits(if any) would be almost entirely for single target DPS gain.

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    The weapon from Tortos is one of the worst in my mind. We already have so much hit and expertise on all of our gear that getting that much more on our weapon will just be a complete waste. Our BiS trinket has about 1500 expertise on it. Getting that weapon and the trinket would make you exp capped with 2 items and a ton more on other pieces. Just not worth it imo. I think the haste/mastery one will probably be the best since we won't want to change our weapon until heroics anyways and it has the highest weap damage without having wasted stats on there.

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    The high haste/low mastery set will not outweigh mastery's (lack of) effect with more CoS and an extra tick on DB. I still think the pieces I listed (which are different than yours, some are the same), are better pieces provided they have Thunderforged equivalents.

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    BiS list. You can input your own stat weights if you feel the need. Each item has it's value calculated and this should account for reforge and gemming.

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    Currently with testing on PTR our tier is horrible and really shouldn't be something sought after since the proc rates are horrendous and the damage gained is outweighed by the stats and gem slots gained from off pieces.

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