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    (A) Interia - 11/16 HM looking for ranged DPS

    Inertia is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on US - Dark Iron Alliance. The guild was formed at the beginning of Firelands when we broke away from our previous guild to take a more serious stance on raiding. Our goal is to finish all content while it is current with a limited raid schedule.

    Due to IRL issues we have an immediate need for some ranged DPS as well as some other classes / specs

    Recruitment Needs;
    We are looking for skilled players who know their class inside and out, are adaptable, and can preform under pressure to complete our roster

    Mage (High)
    Ele Shaman (High)
    Holy Pally (High)

    Prot Pally (Low)
    Resto Shaman (Low)

    We are ALWAYS looking for exceptional applicants of any class / spec.

    Current Progression;
    6/6 HM MSV
    4/6 HM HOF
    1/4 HM TOES

    Raid Schedule (EST)
    Tuesday - 845pm - 1am
    Thursday - 845pm - 1am
    Sunday - 845pm - 1am

    Please visit our website to apply
    Feel free to message me wibber#1862
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    still have a very high need for a mage and ele shaman

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    Make it 10/16
    Vizier died tonight!
    Still have an immediate spot for a talented mage or ele shaman.
    We are actively recruiting holy paladins as well

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    Looking for a mage or ele for an immediate opening.
    10/16 hm.

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    calling all mages. we need you

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    looking for a mage or ele for an immediate core progression spot. Working on Lei Shi then going to Amber Shaper.
    msg me at wibber#1862

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    lei shi died fast. 11/16.
    looking for mage, ele or resto shaman and holy pally

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    still looks for dps and heals

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