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    I would say, they think the 2.2k raiting req is way too big of a block. Specially now, that you can get it from RBGs, makes you literally unable to combat them low rated 1500-2000 rated RBG players who already got T2 in arena, where gear is the most important factor ( lot less in RBGs, on equal gear, class > skill > gear, but till that gear > class > skill sadly ).
    Also, lot of people just tanks down their own mmr to cap fast for easy points. The whole current system feels really off, before everyone had to arena for "elite" pvp gear, now you kinda don't have to at all, so people play RBGs because its more fun/easier/faster/interesting/less annyoing/etc

    In the end, less and less people plays arena, less people get titles. I heard there are BGs where in 5v5 there is rank1 title and nothing else, the 2nd place already out of the cut off, heh
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    Quote Originally Posted by macke View Post
    Because you can't play alts and that is your BG, maybe people transfered away from it? I know on Misery EU there was 30 glad spots last season and this season it's 22, so it's not a big difference.
    I don't agree with you at all. I think that a 30 % drop on the BIGGEST and MOST ACTIVE bg in eu/outland during the first season of an expansion is a huge hit. You can't even imagine how bad it is on low populated realms. It would also be interesting to hear how many glad spots you had in s9, quick googling said 42 - which would mean more than 50 % drop.

    The biggest issue for people like me though is the lack of a pvp/arena community, on my realm for example there's simply noone interested in getting good at pvp anymore. Nowadays the only place people sometimes duel is tol barad, because you get kicked if you alt+tab and get tagged /afk and waiting for 15 min without anything happening is boring. And I look at those players and they've on average 330k hp, don't have much of a concept of faking, using los and range effectively or getting trinkets and defensive cds out, much less coordinating cross-cc or setting up kills. "Wat u talkin aboot set up kills? Just stand in da mid of arena and nuke, that's pvp kk."

    A lot of people mentioned the gearing nonsense during this season and I partially agree; it's been a huge annoyance that made plenty of people give up quickly. However, some people argue that many will come back for 5.2... and I doubt it. I don't think any decent player on my realm is coming back for 5.2 at all - and there are a lot of servers like mine. :/

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    Its to Little to Late, I dont mind playing the game with a few minor balance tweeks in mini patches But to rework entire healing changes mid season is bullshit.
    5.2 - Resilience is changed, Now resilience is being removed from gear, Player base resilience added, Moar CC added not enough rogues + monks playing
    5.3 ilevel caps on gear, PvPPower again for the 3rd time will be changed, Player Base resilience again increased, Healing Blanket increased again

    Why would any1 do arena's when they can just cheat T2/3500 conq cap in an RBG

    At this point they should just make the Conq gear free if they really want to bring in new players to pvp,
    No new players will endure that horrible cycle of honor grind then >Conq Grind just to get to a gear level that you can compete

    I mean WTF, who is signing off on these sad so called fixes. Wipe the egg off Mr. Wilson and throw some on yourselves

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    I stopped pvp'ing after they took the rating requirements off of everything (weapon in particular).... kinda killed the competition and made you wonder why you work hard to get gear when other people can lose most of their matches and still get the same stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickJamesLich View Post
    I stopped pvp'ing after they took the rating requirements off of everything (weapon in particular).... kinda killed the competition and made you wonder why you work hard to get gear when other people can lose most of their matches and still get the same stuff.
    You do realize that you don't get anything for losing a match, thus ensuring that said people have to spend relatively insane amounts of time actually unlocking anything?

    Besides, what was the incentive to actually play before? Get boosted to 2200 the first week, and then just sit there for 6 months without lifting a finger while getting lots of loot to annihilate noobs in random BGs. Now you actually have to do something to get those sweet weapons.
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    It think this has a lot to do with the fact that many played Arena not because they liked it but for prestige, OP pvp gear (to screw undergeared players in normal BGs) and titles. You can now play RBGs and get all that, without entering a 5min burst fiesta.
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    This is a 2 month old thread so I'm going to put a lock on it. A couple of old comments in here that may confuse people who don't check the dates.

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