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    Want to use weakauras need help BrM Monk

    Hi everyone

    I see everyone these days using weakauras, and I want to aswell, but how should I use them? What is weakauras capable of doing?
    Atm I use classtimers to track my buffs, but could weakauras do it smarter?

    BrM Monk would appreciate some help
    Lewax - Brewmaster Monk
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    a fear is not a stun. a stun is a stun. they are 2 different things. you mean CC(Croud Control)

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    Weakauras is capable of doing almost everything you want it to, if you set it up right, but since I'm not an expert on it, you should check out the Brewmaster Guide on the top (Section #15 Addons) where there's a link with various examples of Weakauras in action. I'm not sure how classtimers works atm, but hopefully this helps even if it's a tiny bit.

    Sorry for the lack of a link since my post count is still really low, oh well.

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    You know, curse has a nice description of weakauras and of addons in general:

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    Here's a list of useful weak auras for Brewmasters specifically: http://sunniersartofwar.com/blog/201...er-weak-auras/

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