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    Wind walker rotation helper/addon

    Are there any addons like retCLC, Dkclc?

    I'm about to level a wind walker and would like something to get me used to the rotation, before I get to 90?

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    Ovale - available at curse and usable for all classes
    Seems ok for monk WW but found it poor for ret pally and feral druid - you can get bespoke scripts and overwrite the default ones, leafkillers druid one is supposed to be pretty good.

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    I'd suggest not using an addon as such, especially while leveling as it is a good time to practise and figure out what to prioritise

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    So far, I've not found that ww monk needs one very much (just follow the guide at noxxic.com for the basics), but CLCInfo+CLCInfo_Monk is well done.

    What I've found works better for me personally though is a WeakAura setup that simply shows what's off cooldown/charged up/whatever. There is a thread here in this forum that has a wonderful setup for WW monks ready to go, and can then be tweaked however you need. It won't tell you _when_ to push the buttons, it just helps guide you as to what buttons _can_ be pushed at the moment. There are several alternatives to WeakAuras that are easier to setup if you're starting from scratch, but with the out-of-the-box solution provided in this forum, you should be set.

    EDIT: Here's the thread in question: WW Weak Aura's. I was referring the Sersel's layout above, but I see the Hinalover has also just posted an excellent layout as well that more closely does what CLCInfo does (ie., shows you the priority as well). Excellent stuff.
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    CLC info really is great as "training wheels" for monks. But eventually you're going to have to take those wheels off.

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    I downloaded CLC monk and clcinfo and they wouldn't work for me in game.. When I typed /clcinfo nothing happened.

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    I am probably not very helpful, but when I leveled I would use the monk teleport every ten levels and do the class quest. I thought they did a good job of introducing new abilities so you didn't end up with a bunch of stuff you had no clue about later. Worth it imo. Not to mention all the xp bonus you get for it also.

    I've used ovale on another class and it was ok. I tried clcInfo ( with the monk addon) the other day. It worked for me. As in it functioned. It didn't play like I played tho, so I turned it off. Probably would have liked it more if I didn't already have a feel for the ww style.

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    You can define the priority list manually and adapt it to your playstyle if you so desire.

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