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    Why is this girl mad at me?

    She asked me if I wanted to go with her for a walk on Friday down by the Jersey Shore and then when we're done, we could go to her house. She said her parents are out of town on Friday so we'd be alone, just the two of us.

    I told her I'd like to, but I'm playing Star Wars: Empire at War: Force of Corruption, and as the Rebel Alliance, I've almost defeated the Galactic Empire. I just need to get to Coruscant where Emperor Palpatine is hiding, and I can finally liberate the galaxy. If I can do that, I can finally get take a break from this game;

    So I asked her if we could do that Saturday.

    She said we could, but her parents would be home on Saturday. Which I don't get, what does it matter if her parents are home? Her parents like me, so it's not like I'm ban from their house or something. But she insisted; Friday, not Saturday.

    I told her, what's the big deal if her parents are home or not, she can wait one day to hang out at her house.

    Then she got angry and stormed off. I don't get it, what did I do wrong? I'm so close to liberating the Galaxy from the rule of the Sith, she can wait one day, can't she. And serious, so what if I hang with her the day her parents are home, they don't mind having me over.

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    sounds like she needed a good sortin out

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    0/10 not even a smirk

    good game though would have been better if it was just space battles

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    Seen your posts before, you just enjoy troll baiting. 1/10 for effort.

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    I seriously hope you're not being serious here...

    She invites you over when her parents are not home, says she wants you there when they aren't home, not when they are.

    What could the two of you not do while her parents are home. She wants the sex, she wants it bad.

    (I fed the possible troll, yay!)
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    If you really did this then I weep for you.

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    She needs to get that video games are extremely important. She'll still be there in 5 years but that game might not work anymore on windows 10. Priorities.

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    Yeah no, copy paste trolls aren't funny or welcome here.

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