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    More warlock nerfs

    I love my warlock and will play him the all the nerfs blizzard throws at us but what is the reason they keep nerfing s with these little pointless nerfs to COE SOC AND FIRE N BRIMSTONE?!?! Are tey just trying to make our class horrible?! It's like it's every season this happens I really don't understand why we are picked on so much. If we are OP it only last for a few weeks due to the amount of QQ blizzard gets!

    If they don't know how to balance our class than maybe it's time they get some fresh new developers on there staff that might know what to do or how to balance a class.

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    Pretty harsh RBG nerf for destro. Not sure if that's what it was aimed at.

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    Keep this discussion in the 5.2 warlock discussion thread please, it's what it's there for. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...ock-discussion

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