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    hi guys,
    was just wondering which castbar addon you use.

    I've used Quartz all the time, but a little while ago it started bugging and disappearing from time to time when I started channeling a cast while running (KJC). I've checked the comments on and many ppl seem to be having the same problem as I do.

    So what I'm basically looking for is a good alternative for Quartz or a fix for the problem.

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    I use elvui. Had the build in cast bars and procs. Also use sexy cooldowns 2. It along with addons like recount can get skinned to the interface. I love it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ridcully View Post
    looks pretty similar to Quartz. I'll give it a try. Thanks.

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    Gnosis is really good

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    quartz+morpheus font is -awesome- for warlock class

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gohzerlock View Post
    Gnosis is really good
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    I swapped from Quartz to AzCastBar a while back, haven't looked back. It's light weight, straightforward, and has all the customisation you're likely to want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gohzerlock View Post
    Gnosis is really good
    Gnosis has the same problem as Quartz. I used Gnosis for 2-3 expansions now and was pretty happy with it, kinda sad it has this bug:

    After using a soulburn + soulswap macro, the first time you move during a cast time or channel time (using KJC ofc), the castbar disappears for the remaining duration of the cast/channel. It happens only once after you use the macro, it doesn't have to be the exact next cast, it can be the 5th cast, if that's the first cast during which you move.

    Gonna try castbars to see if it has the same issue. Elvui castbar works fine btw, but I didnt seem to disable most of the functionalities of that addon : /

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    Hmm never had any issues with Quartz and kil'jaedens cunning, sounds very annoying though :P

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