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    Great guide, I did all of mine as Destro but now that I'm helping my friend get hers, I'm rolling as Demo too.

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    Any changes to this as of 5.4? Are demo / aff still the go to specs here with GoSup? I cleared a couple of golds last night as destro but felt as though I could be doing more. Loosing all of the set/cloak procs made a big difference in my CB / SB damage overall. I am thinking I may try demo / destro. Thoughts?

    Also - THANKS for the great guide and your work on this.
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    Destro full time is perfectly doable, imo. Just recently redid them as nothing but Destro and did fine. Demo is also very doable if you wanted to play with it though.

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    Demo has the tools, but remember that Doom should not be used everytime in CMs.
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