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    preordered ACIV, but just learned the store could get into trouble

    This is mostly about the store, not about ACIV.

    So I preordered ACIV collector's edition because I enjoyed the earlier games rather much. I preordered this at Game Mania, a Dutch/Belgian brick and mortar video store chain owned by the Free Record Shop group. I preordered it there because it's basically right around the corner from me.

    but I learned today that the Free Record group is currently in financial issues. they're working on it though: an investor is having talks to take them over. talks are expected to last for about a month.

    but I'm worried that something goes wrong and i'll lose my preorder. should I cancel my preorder or wait for a few weeks to see how things turn out?
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    Can't you just preorder it from a more reliable shop and cancel the previos one?

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    I don't see any reason not to cancel it honestly. I mean can't you pre-order it some where else? Also if it is for pc you can always pre-order it on steam or some where and there is zero risk. If not I am sure there is somewhere else that would be more secure with the pre-order

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    Step into the 21st century and buy your games on steam

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    Did you front up any money for the preorder? There should be a whole bunch of stores where preorder just means "we'll put a box aside for you for when you come get it", so you could just cancel and order it at one of those places instead. I don't really see a dilemma; if you don't want to risk losing any money and you want to make sure you get your hands on that CE, just preorder at a safe store.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hatestorm View Post
    Step into the 21st century and buy your games on steam
    "So I preordered ACIV collector's edition"
    You don't get the physical bonus goods with a digital purchase.
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    Maybe call them up and ask what'd happen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remilia View Post
    Maybe call them up and ask what'd happen?
    I was planning on going there anyway on Sunday. i'll ask them what is going on and how big the risk is.

    and indeed, the main reason I preordered was so I could get the collector's edition. also because I prefer to do bigger game purchases offline to keep less money locked up in paypal. buying a 70 EUR game online means I need to have 80 EUR available.
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    Scrooge McDuck, you can pre order the game from many places without having to use PayPal. Amazon.co.uk probably will have it for pre order and you just need to pay by credit card. If you don't have a credit card (for example, if you're like me and your income isnt high enough to get a normal credit card from a bank), and you are from Belgium, you can get a prepaid MasterCard where you need to upload money onto it first before you can use it, sort of like prepaid cards for mobile phones. You can get one from bpost called bpaid, Belfius Bank also now have a prepaid Mastercard (although you need to open a bank account with them to get it) and there are also other e-wallet websites like PayPal that offer prepaid MasterCards, like Moneybookers or Neteller. These are all proper Mastercards that work like any other normal Mastercard would work, the only difference is you need to put money on it before you can purchase something with it, otherwise the transaction will be declined.

    Hope I didn't just blurp out a load of info that isn't useful to you at all :P But seeing you pre ordered from Game Mania and you mentioned of course this is a Belgian and Dutch Store, I thought there is a 50% chance you're Belgian :P
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    i would cancel honestly and pre order elsewhere, like amazon. One thing i could do, is asking the vendor of a supermarket nearby to reserve one copy for me, that can work too.

    but just a question, is it necessary to pre order? are you afraid that they won't be collector edition available at release, i may be wrong but i don't see that happening for a game such as assassin's creed. Or is it for sore pre order benefit?

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