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Live is currently 78.3% (and 13.1% on the dot) spellpower scaling (vs 78.6% and 13% on ptr), so this is a slight nerf over live (when you factor in the loss of base damage), even in PvE.
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Break even point where its not a nerf is like 600k spell power for initial dmg
9% nerf at 20k, 6% at 30k, 4.5% at 40k, 3.5% at 50k ... 1.5% at 100k..

So sure, it'll hit PvP harder than pve, but it is still a nerf in both cases
No where did I claim anything else, all I responded to was a guy claiming that PvP power and Spell power was the same thing, which it isn't in terms of scaling and especially changes like this.