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    PvP Power

    I run a frost death knight for pvp, and ive never really understood pvp power! Which is more potent, pvp power or strength?! I keep experimenting with my gems in hopes of seeing a big difference but I don't! Ive done some google searches "pvp power vs strength" but ive never seen anything concrete! I watched a video from reinheart the russian saying strength is stronger than pvp power but it was an old video! Would just like to know if im doing it wrong or not via solid evidence!!! Anyone?

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    I'd honestly look over this and decide after looking through the top 10 or so.

    Good luck with making your decision. I'd also think about what would be best for my specific character (if I were dying a lot, resil would help, for example).

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    Pretty sure people simmed out pvp power to be stronger than main stats.

    I'm gemming for as much resi as I can though, because I don't want to die continuously

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