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    Exclamation Razer Naga Keybinding Problem

    I bought razer naga a couple months ago. It has been working great until lately.. I logged onto WoW and noticed none of the keybinds to the mouse were working anymore. So I tried re-keybinding, but instead of coming up as just 1,2,3,4, etc... It started keybinding to Num Pad 1, Num Pad 2, Num Pad 3. This isnt really the problem though. Whenever I use a shift keybind it doesnt come up as Shift+Num Pad 1, it comes up as 'End, Page Up, Page down, then eventually Left and Right which makes gameplay impossible..... I have tried reinstalling the drivers for the mouse but it didnt change anything.

    The day before this happened A new version of Razer Synapse came out. I deleted all of the razer software off my comp since I didnt use it anyway but it still doing the exact same thing.

    And I just use the WoW keybinding menu to do all of this since I have heard the razer keybinding addon isnt that great, and the wow one does everything that I need it to.

    So please help me out if anyone knows how to fix this problem.


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    There is a button on the bottom of the Naga next to the laser sensor that lets you switch between the normal number keys and numpad.
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    Check and see if the switch on the bottom was switched to "Num" instead of "123".

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    There is nothing wrong with your mouse it just the keyboard that the default funktion is that when you shift click your num keys it becomes end and so on(since the buttons on the mouse represents buttons on your keyboard) , and I don't see why it would be unplayable I been haveing those bind nothing wrong with it. Only fix is as meantioned change switch at the bottom of the mouse to 123 and not num.

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    Wow, don't I feel like a F****** idiot rofl. Thanks all.

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