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    The Server Outcast of Korea Rekindles The Community

    So yes, I'm sure a lot of you remember the "Server Outcast" article from a few days ago. I personally found it *very* touching, and therefor I found the result of it even more so. Apparently the post caused a lot of S. Korean players to wake up and realise that acting like elitist douchebags - isn't a good thing, so this is the result; http://wow.joystiq.com/2013/02/13/se...wow-community/

    A beautiful ending, so a very sad story.

    Amazing sig, done by mighty Lokann

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    Being elitist is a good thing. Trying to maximize your performance is a good thing, in anything.
    Spreading the love and helping others, especially those who're really bad at something they like, to be better at it is the greatest thing.

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    Reminds me of today, I got into a random heroic group where there was this terrible monk tank. I gave him advice about how to keep shuffle up and other various tips since he wasn't doing so good. Then apparently me giving advice annoyed some other people of the group, who "happened" to be from the same server, and told the monk tank in question to play as he/she likes, not how to keep aggro on all mobs or minimize damage taken.

    Next time I'll just ignore the noobs I come across.

    Thanks again community.

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