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    Seal of justice and Seal of truth

    Seems there is a big come back to Seal of justice , gives Tv 25 % Holy dmg stack up 5 times , reworked more like Taste of Blood, and Soj will be good in bursting but i dont think its comparable to seal of truth ( burst phase )
    Seal of truth was our main seal in PVE even in PVP now
    if i understand it right does that mean , we should switch seals between burst and sustain dmg ?
    Ex: when we burst we use seal of truth , when our burst are on cds we switch to seal of justice to make more sustain dmg
    but why Soj isnt affected by mastery , whats the mastery roll in this seal
    what about the censure dmg when switching seals
    to many Question and we need more feedbacks

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    Several threads are already discussing this. Please search the front page of the paladin board.


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