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    Macro for hex/instant hex

    Hey i want a modifier macro

    where if i push my keybind i hex, and if i push my alt modifier i instant hex instead, is this possible?

    im soooo bad in macros ;(

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    #showtooltip Hex
    /cast [mod:alt] Ancestral Swiftness
    /cast Hex

    I think that should do it. If you're moving when you push it, however, you'll probably have to push it twice. There's really no way around that; the macro execution reaches the "/cast Hex" line before the game client is aware that the Ancestral Swiftness buff is active.

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    a friend made one for me actually jus after i posted here, which works like i want it to work:

    #showtooltip Hex
    /cast [nomod] Hex
    /cast [mod:alt] Ancestral Swiftness
    /cast [mod:alt] Hex

    but like you said i need to press it twice

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