View Poll Results: who do you think the strongest death knight in Warcraft history?

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  • Teron Gorefiend

    112 38.10%
  • Koltira Deathweaver

    2 0.68%
  • Arthas (as Death Knight not Lich King)

    138 46.94%
  • Sir Zeliek

    0 0%
  • Thassarian

    5 1.70%
  • Darion Mograine

    17 5.78%
  • Dranosh Saurfang the Deathbringer

    10 3.40%
  • Baron Rivendare

    3 1.02%
  • Others

    7 2.38%
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    Well.. Arthas "Not as the lich king" is Arthas the Paladin... and he is nothing without frostmourne.

    So Teron Gorefiend.

    Saurfang would fall in the same category as "lich king arthas" because he was corrupted and granted powers.
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    I voted for Teron, he was the first DK , he was the most cunning of all, intelligent and a true tactician, he was never controlled like a puppet in the same way Arthas was and it's power was a mix of unholy dk and a warlock abilities.
    What blizzard did with him in wow was absolutely stupid, i remember prior karazhan release how peoples speculated about teron being the last boss in it; intested they put him in BT i don't know why; i hope that somewhat they bring back him in a future xpack about the legion
    Quote Originally Posted by caervek View Post
    Obviously this issue doesn't affect me however unlike some raiders I don't see the point in taking satisfaction in this injustice, it's wrong, just because it doesn't hurt me doesn't stop it being wrong, the player base should stand together when Blizzard do stupid shit like this not laugh at the ones being victimised.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nearmyth View Post
    Sure, Arthas is a badass and all. But Frostmourne is what gave him his strength! Without Frostmourne he was just another paladin. (Well, one that "killed" Mal'Ganis and Kel'Thuzad, so I'll give you that).
    Teron was the first original Death Knight if I'm not mistaken, my vote goes to him.
    To be fair... he didn't actually kill Mal'Ganis, and Kel'Thuzad all but asked the paladin Arthas to slay him as part of the Lich King's plans for the paladin (knowing full well he would be resurrected after Arthas fell).

    Using Deathwing as a mount is pretty freakin awesome, and a full blooded caster is always more powerful than a hybrid caster/melee or a pure melee. So I'd have to agree that without Frostmourne, Arthas wouldn't be powerful.

    So if your arguing between Arthas the Death Knight and Teron Gorefiend, then Teron wins. Because Teron didn't need a clutch.
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    The wheel spins again.

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