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    [A] <Singularity> of Doomhammer [10Man] [8/16H] [8-12 MST]

    Guild Name: Singularity
    Server: Doomhammer (PVE)
    Raid days: Tuesday, Thursday, Monday.
    Raid times: 7:45pm to 12:00am Mountain Time


    6/6 Heroic Mogu'shan Vault.
    3/6 Heroic Heart of Fear.
    1/4 Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring

    Open roles:

    Elemental Shaman
    Shadow Priest
    Warrior (Tank and/or DPS)
    Mistweaver Monk

    About us
    Singularity is a long standing guild on the US-PvE server Doomhammer, started in early 2005, for 7+ years we have come to form a stable and committed guild. We’re a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a relaxed raiding schedule and atmosphere.

    Many of us have been around since early in WoW's lifetime, we have several members who have played in all of the end game content that has been offered over the years from Molten core 40 to current Heroic 10's. Original Grand marshals and even new ones! We are a stable guild with a large population of social members and friends outside the raid team.

    Raiding Rules
    Singularity takes this game fairly seriously. We come to raids fully prepared. A perk here is your repairs are paid for by the guild, we expect you to enchant all of our gear correctly and we can provide mats as long as the bank has in stock for heroic item. We all are responsible for bringing a full stock of consumables and use them on everything.

    As a 10man raiding group we require our players to show up for every raid. Having real life issues to be dealt with or anything in particular it is ABSOLUTELY required to post in the absence/late forum or let someone in the raid group know somehow.

    Loot distribution in 10 man raids
    Currently our 10 man raid teams are using a simple /roll method on loot distribution, the smaller group tends to have very few conflicts with this method since we have players pass for others in a regular basis.

    Raiders will be given the opportunity to roll on one main spec piece per week and be given priority on that item over anyone else who has received a piece that week. This way, we spread the loot among all players.

    Tier will be given its own priority roll of 1-100

    There is no limit or priority system over off spec loot.

    Application Information
    If you wish to apply to Singularity, follow the link to our website.

    We are always open to exceptional players. Just because we might have your class/spec closed does not mean we will not consider a very qualified applicant. If you feel that you are an exceptional player, please feel free to apply.

    Our ideal applicant is intelligent, highly-competitive, honest, responsible, humble, mature, and analytical in their approach to the game. We look for individuals that take pride in their own play, own up to and learn from their mistakes, and respond positively to criticism.

    Initiate Period
    Our initiate period normally lasts 4 raid weeks, but it can be extended if deemed necessary. Initiates should be prepared to use consumables on everything we raid, no matter how trivial. Initiates should expect to be the first to sit out when adjusting the raid as needed.

    If you are asked to contact someone in game, make a lvl 1 alt on Doomhammer if you're not on server, and look for anyone in guild. They will be able to tell you if The Officers or persons responsible for your application are available. Do not ask random members questions about your application. Until you are given a clear approval or denial from an officer listed below, consider your application "open".

    If you have any other questions, please contact us in game or check our website at singguild.wowstead.com
    Sopa (Sopa#1908)
    Jessminda (Jessminda#1716)
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    Hey Sopa, how you doing?

    link to guild is http://singguild.wowstead.com/
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    Fury warrior 491 very interested!

    I have sent in-game mail, but wanted to get in contact asap so am posting what I sent here as well!

    Fury Warrior 491 Qake Kilrogg 1 of 3

    I saw your recruit thread on mmo-champion and am very interested. I am a 491 dps warrior who is 15/16N and 1/16H. I have been raid leading a group but we lost many of our best members over the break and have not recovered very well. I have logs from a month ago (lower ilvl) showing rankings on LFR (I know lfr rankings are not the best indication, but they give you an idea of what I can do when I am not calling out everything for new members as I raid lead (or defensive stance soaking on Garalon)

    Fury Warrior 491 Qake Kilrogg 2 of 3

    I tried the website but it seems to be a little different from the post on mmo. Do you raid only Mon, Tues, and Thur like the post, or do you also raid Fri like the website says? I would like to MS dps and OS tank. I have no problem filling in as tank as seen on the heroic dogs encounter posted on youtube, which I linked below (I am the one calling out stuff). I also linked a video of me as an amber construct and how I come prepared with timers and can interrupt the boss and myself reliably.

    Fury Warrior 491 Qake Kilrogg 3 of 3

    Finally I also included a video of my interface and my dps on a raid dummy for 9 minutes with sustained dps between 75 and 80k (this is SMF so just remember my dps goes up 5-10k from executes alone, which I cannot simulate on dummies). Also, no food, flask, or raid buffs =)

    For the vids I have only posted the ending script added to youtube website since I cant post links:

    DPS vid (No food, flask, or raid buffs =)

    Heroic tanking

    Construct vid

    In-game mail Qake on Kilrogg if interested! Thank you for your time.
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