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    would it be easy for me to get fibre optic cable installed ?

    i thought the best way to show this was to make a quick image on paint;P
    OK so basically, the green circle is a crescent with houses on (white) and they all have fibre optic cables, my house is the yellow box and i don't have fibre optic cable and the black strip is a main road.

    basically i can only get a download speed of up to 8MB and it is rarely that high and starting to get annoying, im wanting to start streaming but i have no chance with this internet my upload speed is uber crap, i have been on the virgin site and i think that someone is coming to my house next week to do a survey or something to see if i can, im just posting here to see if anyone has any info on this or past experience, do you think they will be able install it or however they do it ?

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    Yeah, you can do it, I mean you can almost have fiber in the middle of the woods if you pay for it depending on the companies...

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    When privately owned houses in Sweden get offered a fiber installation the prices usually start at about €1000 and can range up to €4000 depending on circumstances.
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    damn.. hope it aint that much haha;P

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    How far is your house away from the other houses and how well do you know these people? If it's close you could try to make an arrangement with the people closest to you and use a cat5e or cat6 cable to get to your house. But that really depends how far you are away from the rest and the other people of course.

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