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    Sofia, Bulgaria

    81 square meters. 1 bathroom, 2 bedrooms on the 7th floor close to the center. My rent is 250 euro + about 50 more for water and electricity.

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    80 square meters (860 square feet) appartment in central Oslo, Norway.

    2 Bedroms, Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom aswell as a "computer room/gaming hall" downstairs.

    13000 NOK per month, 2390 USD or 1750 EUR. (Per Norwegian price levels in central Oslo its actually fairly cheap considering the size)
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    2 room apartment (about 55 square meters) in a small town ~30 minutes away from Zürich - 1000€
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    67 squaremeters (~ 750sqrfeet), in the center of Berlin, Germany, 620,- € including everything

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    A small like 850sqft or so house built in 1953. About 600 dollars in rent.

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    My mortgage is $450/month with a $125 association fee. 1050 sq. ft. 3 bed 1.5 bath in Bradenton FL.
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    New 1bdrm1bath city apartment in brisbane for AU$324 a week.

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    The Netherlands
    As a student: 14 square meters with shared bathrooms/kitchen/toilets/balcony, €250,- a month included gas/electricity/water/100 mbit internet.

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    In the netherlands: house with 2 gardens, livingroom, kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 531 euro per month
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    I live with my parents. Got my own room with loft and bathroom. Pay around 200 $ each month and thats with free food and so on.

    I'm saving for my own apartment or a long travel.

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    2 bed appartment, Shropshire UK, mortgage £460/month.

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    I pay my parents £200 a month, no bills, no food costs, cooked meal every night and very laid back parents who dont care about my comings and goings =p (the only rule is to let mum know if I need feeding or not)

    I suppose technically now that my gf is living with me, and she pays them rent as well its a bit of a shit deal, as we're paying like £380 between us for a single room int he house... =p

    but until we can afford our own place we're happy there =)

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    1 bed, 1 bath, don't know square feet/metres but it's not big. Crystal Palace, London = £850/ month plus council tax (£127/pm) and bills.

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    1 bed 1 bath small apartment in China (Hangzhou), in one of the few "clean" areas. $400 Canadian per month. Only worth 350, but it's one of the few buildings wired with 20mb/s internet so.... (everywhere else 4mb/s is max).

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    Orange Park, FL 5bd 3 1/2 bath $850/mo. But its a house not an apt, usually get a much better deal with a house.

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    Paying way too much in SoMa in San Francisco for a 1 bed 1 bath.

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    2 bed 1 bath + garage that lacks a power line being led to it. $550 a month
    Live in a rural county "farming community" in Central California

    Oddly enough the area is full of conservative farmers that do everything they can to impede the development of the county more or less because it's a nice place to live and the more liberal southern Californians tend to stay away, as a result we have very little crime, can leave our doors unlocked and our dogs/kids to roam freely outside without fear of some sicko snatching them up or worse.

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    Three bed, two bath, upstairs apartment with a small balcony.. in Fresno, California (Central California), on a decent side of town.


    I live with my sister and daughter; we split rent, so I really only pay $400.
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    I rent an 800+ sq. ft. apartment. It's 2BR, 1 bath. $415/month.

    I also own a home. It's a 2-story, 5-bedroom, 2-bath house, about 2,200 sq. ft. The mortgage (which includes prop. taxes and homeowner's insurance) is $615/month.

    I live just south of Green Bay, Wis.

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    I pay 660 a month for a 2bed 1bath apartment in Reno, NV. Around 900 sqf. Pretty good deal, on a decent side of town and has washer and dryer in it.

    I'm working on saving a down payment to buy a house though. Mortgage is about the same as rent.

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