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    [A]Azgalor-PvP<House Sole> Casual raiding guild looking for Hunter/Warlock

    House Sole is an Alliance guild on the PvP server Azgalor, the guild is rich in history, being around longer than WoW has been active.
    The guild's motto is "Brotherhood first, all else second" and we do not wave that around lightly, it is the guild's motto and philosophy for a reason. When you join House Sole, you are a member of the Sole, whether or not you stay with us.
    Our core 10man raid has been around since Wrath of the Lich King, getting every Glory of the Raider since then. In Mists of Pandaria we were consisitantly the number 1 Alliance raiding guild on the server, but having to recruit has slowed us down considerably and we've dropped a few spots. That is why we are recruiting now, we lost our Hunter and are in need of a replacement. So right now we are looking for a Warlock or Hunter ready and willing to jump into doing Heroic bosses, we are 4 bosses down and are working on Heroic Elegon at the moment.
    Our raid schedule is Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 8-11pm server time, 9-12 EST.
    Feel free to send me a message here for any questions or apply online at Housesole.com.

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    We're still recruiting, working on Heroic Will of the Emperor right now, will hopefully had it defeated before the new patch.

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