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    dominance rares drop tokens that turn into 275 honor (even though tooltip says 250) Drop a guild banner after you kill all 3, use the tokens, and you end up with 939 honor from about 10 minutes of work (might need a buddy to help you). Do battlegrounds in between. Doing this you can get full pvp gear and then fully upgrade it within 3 days or less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reith View Post
    Don't worry, you're getting an uncounterable ability: Ring of Peace. And Blizzard said they don't like abilities that can't be countered. Seriously.

    it's not just RoP, if nothing changes on the PTR til release.. a lot of people are in for a terrible surprise with WW monks next season :[.

    so, i think you should try pvp!

    dont stress about the gear.. take your licks and then appreciate it when you do have gear, remember it; let it FUEL YOUR RAGE AND.....sorry about that.

    Anyways don't expect an easy time 24/7, there's a million other players basically competing against you and not AI dragons..alot of us have been singing this song for years so don't take it too srsly. get's more fun later when you can come to the forums and bitch about balance

    and jesus christ don't over think the gear level thing.
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